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Forced Order
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Scene DescriptionSong Title or Artist
Bella, Renee, and Phil drive to the Phoenix airport
Bella waits by her truck, planning to confront Edward about his behavior the first time they met
Edward stops Tyler's van from hitting Bella, then leaves the scene as others arrive
Angela and Jessica try on prom dresses in Port Angeles
At a Port Angeles restaurant, Edward reveals to Bella that he can read minds
Edward takes Bella to school in his Volvo for the first time, then tells her in a waterside setting how the Cullens were created
Bella asks what Edward is listening to in his room
Edward climbs with Bella in the trees near his home, then plays piano for her
The Cullens play baseball during a thunderstorm
Edward sucks James' venom out of Bella
Edward and Bella enter the prom and see her friends
Edward and Bella slow dance in a gazebo, and she asks him why he saved her instead of letting the venom spread

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