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Number of Tatooine's SunsI, II, III, IV, VI
Name of First Ewok SeenVI
Name of Bounty Hunter Leia Impersonated to get in Jabba's PalaceVI
Anakin's Rival PodracerI
Leader of the GungansI
Imperial Scout Droid that was Sent to Scout on HothV
What AT-AT Stands forV, VI
What AT-TE Stands forII
What AT-ST Stands forV, VI
Name of Jango Fett's ShipII, V
Obi-Wan's friend who determined where Jango Fett's dart is fromII
Planet Darth Vader Killed Vicroy onIII
Number of Anakin's MidichloriansI
Anakin's Quote as He Crash Lands Grevious's Ship on Coruscant Reffering to the Temperature of the ShipIII
How Does Anakin Kill DookuIII

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