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Starfighter used by clones in episode IIIA
'It's a trap!!!!!'A
Little round like droid that tried to tear Anakin's and Obi-Wan's ship apart at the beginning of episode IIIB
Darth Vader's birthplace (planet)C
Droid that uses a shield and rolls in a ballD
Home land of those who worship C-3POE
Place where Aayla Secura was killed, home of the AcklayF
Cocky, frozen, and a nerf herder?H
Sith ship Anakin crash landed on CoruscantI
Bounty hunter hired by Darth Tyranus to create a clone armyJ
Jedi who died on MygeetoK
Prime minister of KaminoL
Planet Darth Vader killed the seperatists on and lost his legs and other arm to his old master Obi-Wan KenobiM
Anakin and Padme kiss here... Big mistakeN
Leia's last nameO
Sith Lord used to further seduce Anakin to the Dark SideP
Jedi Master of Obi-Wan KenobiQ
Jabba's pet in a pitR
Creater of the clone army (he who put in the order)S
Leia's ship that was attacked by Star Destroyer in episode IVT
Planet Obi-Wan was betrayed by his clonesU
Chancellor ruunning in office in Episode 1, met by Anakin when they first reach Coruscant.V
Leia's Ewok friendW
Luke's starship classX
Rebel base in episode IVY
Bounty hunter hired by Darth Vader to find Han SoloZ

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