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Can you name the missing words in the Friends quotes from the season two episodes (episodes 8-11)?

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QuotePunchlineWords Missing
Ross: 'And then I kissed her' Joey: '...' Ross: 'Yeah' Joey: 'Cool'1
Phoebe: 'This is a song about a love triangle between three people that I made up, um, it's called um, ...'6
Monica: 'How 'bout Mocklate moose?' Phoebe: 'It's not, it's not very Thanksgiving-y' Monica: 'How about ...'3
Chandler: 'Oh no, two women love me, they're both gorgeous and sexy, my wallet's too small for my 50s and my ...'5
Chandler: 'Okay, let's do Julie, what's wrong with her?' Ross: '...'3
Joey: 'Hey, so how'd it go with Julie? Did you break her heart?' Ross: 'Yes, it was horrible. She cried, I cried, she threw things, ...'3
Joey: 'He broke up with Julie! Well go hug her for god's sake!' Rachel: 'Really?' Ross: 'Really, ...'5
Chandler:'It was summer, it was hot, Rachel was there, a lonely grey couch.Look, cried Ned and then the kingdom was his forever, the end'Ross:'That's all you wrote? You're the ...'6
Chandler: 'My diary, that's brilliant, I should have told her it was my diary, she never would have made me read her my diary!' Monica: 'You'd be a great person to have around ...'5
Radio announcer: 'Why don't we devote our time to a couple that stands a chance, Avery - Michelle's sorry she ... and she hopes you two will work it out'5
Rachel: 'Phoebe, I thought your dad was in prison?' Phoebe: 'No, no that's my step dad, my real dad's the one who ran out on us before I was born' Rachel: 'How have you never ...'3
Phoebe's Grandma: 'She didn't want you to know your real father because it hurt her so much when he left, I didn't wanna go along with it, but then she died and it was ...'5
QuotePunchlineWords Missing
Joey: 'Rach, these are for you' Rachel: 'Wiper blades, I don't even have a car' Joey: 'But with this ..., you'll think you do!'3
Phoebe: 'Well we have to celebrate, you know what we should do? We should do like a soap opera theme!' Chandler: 'Hey yeah, we could all sleep together and then one of us ...'3
Chandler: (about Russ) 'You know this is actually good because if we ever lose Ross, ...'4
Joey: 'Because of my talent or because of the little general' Chandler: 'Didn't you use to call it the little major?' Joey: 'Yeah, but after Denise Demarco ...'5
Phoebe: 'She probably woke up this morning and thought-I'll have some breakfast, I'll take a little walk, then I'll have my massage-little did she know God was thinking: Okay, ...'3
Sandra: 'Monica! You look gorgeous, last time I saw you it was ...'4
Monica: 'Well, is there any chance that you can look at this as flattering? She's doing it because she wants to be more like you' Rachel: 'Well then couldn't she have just ...'3
Monica: 'Alright people, we're in trouble here. We've only got 12 hours and 36 minutes left - move, move move' Chandler: 'Monica, I feel like you should have ...'2
Monica: 'Joey, speed it up' Joey: 'I'm sorry, it's the pigs! They're reluctant to ...'4
Joey: 'I feel like superman without my powers. I have the cape and yet I cannot fly' Chandler: 'Well now you understand how I feel every single day, okay? The world is my ...'2
Minister: 'Friends, family - we are gathered here today to join Carol and Susan in holy matrimony' Phoebe: 'Oh my god, now ...'3

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