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Can you name the missing words in the Friends quotes from the season two episodes (episodes 4-7)?

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QuotePunchlineWords Missing
Phoebe: 'I'm going to see him so I can put all those feelings behind me, okay! And the reason I'm dressed like this is because I think it's nice to look nice for ...'3
Chandler: 'What is this in my pocket? Why, it's Joey's porno movie!' Ross: 'Pop it in!' Joey: 'I'm fine with it, I mean, if you're okay watching a video filled with ...'3
'Duncan: 'But you reach a point where you can't live a lie anymore' Phoebe: 'How long have you known?' Duncan: 'Well, I guess on some level ...'6
Duncan:'There were 1 or 2 times in college when I'd get really drunk, go to a straight bar and wake up with a woman next to me, but I, I told myself it was the liquor and that ...'4
Duncan: 'But now I know I don't have a choice about this, I was ...'3
Rachel: 'I mean who here does not have the time to get to know Julie?' Chandler:'I got the time to get to know Julie' Joey: 'I got time' Monica: 'Rach, I know her pretty well, ...'3
Phoebe: 'So, uh, have you told your parents?' Duncan: 'No, but it'll be okay, they're pretty cool, ...'3
Julie: 'And my first grade teacher was Mrs. Cobb' Rachel: 'Mrs. Gob?' Julie: 'No Cobb, like a Cobb Salad' Rachel: 'Now, ...'7
Ross: 'So 5 of us is $33.50 a piece' Phoebe: 'No, uh uh, no way, sorry not gonna happen' Chandler: 'Whoa whoa, ...'3
Ross: 'Are you ready?' Chandler: 'Yes, yes let me grab my jacket and tell you ...'4
QuotePunchlineWords Missing
Monica: 'Why is he still crying?' Ross: 'Don't worry, it's nothing that can't be solved by happy keys!' Joey: 'Yeah, I always feel much better when someone ... in my face'3
Phoebe: 'I'm in the shower and I'm writing a song, stop me if you've heard it. My skin is soapy and my hair is wet and ...'5
Chandler: 'That's a good plan Joe, next time we wanna pick up women we should just go to the park and ...'2
Joey: 'We'll flip for it' Chandler: 'We're gonna flip for the baby? Alright call it in the air' Joey: 'Heads' Chandler: 'Heads it is' Joey: 'Yes!' Chandler: 'We have to ...'4
Joey: 'Right, okay oh ah, ducks is heads because ducks have heads!' Chandler: 'What kind of ...'6/7
Monica: 'Five more' Chandler: 'No' Monica: 'Five more and I'll flash you' Chandler: 'one, two, two and a half, okay, just ...'5
Phoebe: 'It's cause I'm not sexy enough' Joey: 'Phoebe, that's crazy, when I first met you, you know what I said to Chandler? I said: ...'4
Rachel: 'Ross hi, it's Rachel, I'm just calling to say that everything's fine and I'm really happy for you and your cat - so obviously I am over you - and that, my friend is ...'4
Ross: 'You're over me?' Rachel: 'Oh god' Ross: 'When were you - ...'2
Ross: 'Both cats are beautiful and funny, I'm sure I'd be happy with either cat' Julie:'Do you wanna take both?' Ross: 'Both! Both? I can't have 2 cats! ... who could have 2 cats!'5

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