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Can you name the missing words in the Friends quotes from the season two episodes (episodes 19-24)?

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QuotePunchlineWords Missing
Rachel: 'No, see this isn't about the movie theater, this is about you stealing my wind' Monica: 'You go girl! ..., can I?5
Ross: 'Excuse me, your wind?' Rachel: 'Yes my wind, how do you expect me to grow when you wont let me blow?' Ross: 'You know, I don't have a, have a ...'3
Ross: 'It's got all this stuff about wind and trees and there's some kind of sacred pool, I don't really get it, but she's pretty upset' Joey: 'See this is why I don't date ...'3
Eddie: 'You want me to move out?'Chandler:'Uh huh' Eddie:'I gotta tell you man, that's kinda out of the blue, don't you think?' Chandler:'This is not out of the blue, this is ...'8
Chandler: 'Ding dong - the psycho's gone' Monica: 'Are you sure this time?' Chandler: 'Yes, yes I actually saw him leave, I mean that guy is - standing in the window ...'4
Chandler: 'So is he house trained or is he gonna leave little bathroom tiles all over the place? - Stay uh uh stay, ...'3
Chandler: 'Richard's really nice and everything, it's just that we don't know him really well, you know, and plus he's, you know, old - er than some people, but uh - ...'4
Phoebe: 'She told me that my mom used to not show us the ends of sad movies, to shield us from the pain and sadness, you know, before ...'3
Ross: 'Can you say dada?' Rachel: 'No luck, huh?' Ross: 'No, you know a while ago I got a se out of him, which I thought, you know, might turn into ...'2/3
Richard: 'I like hanging out with those guys, it's fun for me. They're different than my other friends, they don't start sentences with: you know who just ...'3
Monica: 'MEG was good for me, but I dumped her, you know, my motto is get out before they go down' Joey: 'That is so ...'3
Ross: 'Like a rite of passage or something' Chandler: 'Well, couldn't we just lose our virginities again? Because I think actually ...'3
QuotePunchlineWords Missing
Monica: 'Joey, they're not real - I start miles beneath the surface of these things, okay? They're fake, see - honk honk' Chandler: 'Wow, it's like ...'3
Joey: 'Uh hey, Dr. Green, why don't you come with me and we'll put your jacket on Rachel's bed' Dr. Green: 'Alright, that sounds like a ...'3
Sandra: 'You thought I was Rachel?' Chandler: 'Yes because uh - you look so young' Phoebe: 'And because you're both, you know, ...'2
Rachel: 'She gets the house, he's in some condo my sister's gonna decorate. Chandler, how did you get through this?' Chandler: 'I relied on a carefully regimented program of ...'5
Monica: 'Alright, you see these little flower blossoms, they should be facing up not down because, well, the head of the bed is where the sun would be - ..., do you?5
Ryan: 'I have spent the last 8 months in a steel tube with men, I am not gonna let a bunch of itchy spots stand between us' Phoebe: 'Okay, this is the most ... I've ever had'2
Chandler: 'So I can't fire Joseph, but I can sleep with his wife!' Joey: 'Not Karen!' Chandler: 'Yeah, Karen - I'm thinking about having an affair with her, you know what? ...'3
Chandler: 'In fact, I have her panties right there in my drawer' Joey: 'Really?' Chandler: 'No, freak show - ...'2
Joey: 'Can you believe that? Me - not a good kisser? That's like, like Mother Teresa, ...'4
Monica: 'Do you ever, uh like, think about the future?' Richard: 'Sure I do' Monica: 'Yeah? Am I in it?' Richard: 'Honey, ...'3
Phoebe: 'We were just wondering if Chandler's girlfriend's a girl' Joey: 'Well just ask her how long she's gonna live - women live longer than men' Chandler: 'How do you ...'4
Phoebe: 'Chandler, you gotta stop staring at the door, it's like a watched pot, you know, if you keep looking at it the door is just ...'3

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