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Can you name the missing words in the Friends quotes from the season two episodes (episodes 15-18)?

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QuotePunchlineWords Missing
Joey: 'No peeking, no peeking!' Chandler: 'Alright, but you better be ... when I open my eyes'2
Rachel: 'Come on, touch my butt' Ross:'No' Rachel: 'Just one cheek' Ross: 'No, the moment's gone' Rachel: 'Alright well just put your hands out and I'll ...'4
Rachel: (to Ross quietly) 'Hi, listen I was thinking about - ' Chandler: 'Listen, can you guys speak up? It's harder for us to hear you when you ...'3
Phoebe: 'Alright, we have to get you lazy boys out of these chairs' Joey & Chandler: 'Hey whoa, hey whoa' Phoebe: 'You know, you should go outside and be with the ...'3
Monica: 'It's Richard Burke' Ross: 'Who's Richard Burke, Dr. Burke? You have a date with Dr. Burke? Why, why, why-should that bother me? I love that man he's like a brother - ...'2
Ross: 'Australopithecus isn't supposed to be in the display. No, no, no, no! Homo habilis was erect, Australopithecus was never fully erect' Chandler: 'Well, ...'4
Richard: 'Are we nuts here?' Monica: 'I don't know, maybe - I mean, I'm dating a man whose ...'5
Ross: 'You're not laughing' Rachel: 'This time it's not so funny - uh oh god oh honey, oh that's okay' Ross: 'What? Oh, you just ...' Rachel: 'Oh thank god!'5
Chandler: 'You used my toothbrush?' Joey: 'Well that was only cause I used the red one to unclog the drain' Chandler: 'Mine is the red one - oh god, can open - ...'2
Chandler: 'Ooh Richard's going to the party too, huh' Joey: 'So is today the day you're going to tell them about you two?' Monica: 'Yeah for my dad's birthday I decided to ...'4
Richard: 'How you doing?' Monica: 'I'm a twinkie!' Richard: 'Really? ...' 3
Richard: 'Look, maybe we should just tell 'em' Monica: 'Maybe we should just tell your parents first' Richard: 'My parents are dead' Monica: 'God, ...'4
QuotePunchlineWords Missing
Joey: 'Hey, are you cool with this? I mean, I don't wanna leave you high and dry' Chandler: 'Hey, no I've never been ...'3
Chandler: 'Your little men are gonna get scored on more times than your sister' Joey: 'Whoa whoa whoa whoa - ...'2
Chandler: 'So what do you say boys, should I call him? - Well you know what they say, ask your slippers a question, ...'3
Ross: 'Hi, Tony can I call you back that's uh my sister's boyfriend' Monica: 'Hi sweetie, before I forget, did I leave my diaphragm at your place? - ...' 2
Chandler: 'Come on Pheebs, play with me!' Phoebe: 'No, this game is grotesque, 20 armless guys joined at the waist by a steel bar, forced to play soccer forever, uh hello, ...'3
Phoebe:'I just thought it would be fun if the three of us had some beers and got to know each other' Eddie: 'That sounds alright' Phoebe: 'Oh no I have to go, I'm late for my ...'6
Tilly: 'I'm Tilly' Chandler: 'Oh' Tilly: 'I gather by that oh that he told you about me' Chandler: 'Well yeah, your uh name came up in a - uh conversation that ...'6
Monica: 'Alright, before I tell you, uh why don't you tell me how many women you've been with' Richard: 'Two' Monica: 'Two? Two? How is that possible? I mean, ....'4
Richard: 'Oh wait a minute now, come on, it's your turn, oh come on. You know, I don't need the actual number, just a ballpark' Monica: 'Okay, it is definitely ...'4/5
Ross: 'What are you saying, I mean, are you saying that like there's nothing between us that's animal at all, I mean, there's not even like um, a little animal, like um, like ...'2
Richard: 'Shall we?' Monica: 'It's not gonna happen, they're doing it tonight, we can do it tomorrow' Richard: 'Uh, in the future if I could ...'4
Chandler:'He thinks I slept with his ex-girlfriend and killed his fish'Phoebe:'Why would you kill his fish?'Chandler:'Because sometimes Phoebe, after you sleep with someone ...'6
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