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Can you name the missing words in the Friends quotes from the season three episodes (episodes 19-25)?

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Joey:'Oh mommy, oh daddy, I am a big old baddie'Ross:'I guess he must've gotten the part in that play' Chandler:'Yeah, either that or Gloria Estefan was right, eventually the ...'6
Phoebe: 'You know what, you should like buy a state and name it after yourself' Pete: 'What, like Pete Dakota?' Phoebe: 'Yeah, or MississiPete' Joey: 'Oh oh, I got it! ...'2
Joey: 'You know, I don't know why my character likes you either, I mean, it says in the script here that you're a bitch' Kate: 'It doesn't say that in the script' Joey: '...'4
Pete: 'Hey, can I ask you something, where are we?' Monica: 'Well, with all these doctors and nurses, I'm gonna say ...'2
Chandler: 'What did she do now?' Joey:'Just because she went to Yale drama, she thinks she's the greatest actress since-since sliced bread' Chandler:'Sliced bread, a wonderful ...'2
Rachel: 'Well, I'll ask him for you, if you want me to' Joanna: 'Would you? Or is it just too sad and desperate and you know, ...'5
Rachel: 'Okay, my boss Joanna, when you left she started asking questions about you' Chandler: 'Liked what she saw, huh? Dug my action did she? ...' Rachel: 'That was - surreal' 5/6
Chandler: 'All I said was: this was fun, let's do it again sometime, I'll call you' Rachel: 'You can't just say: nice to meet you, goodnight?' Chandler: '...'3
Joanna: 'Why, he said he'd call, why hasn't he called?' Sophie: 'Maybe he's intimidated by really strong, smart, successful women' Joanna: 'Sophie, will you please ...'5
Monica: 'Oh, what'd you bring me? Aw, hotel toiletries from Japan, aw these are gonna go in my permanent collection' Pete: 'You know what that says in English? - ...'3
Monica: 'Can you believe he just offered me a restaurant? - I mean, this has been like, my dream since I got my first easy bake oven and opened ...'3
Monica: 'Does it have to do with Ross and Rachel?' Phoebe: 'No' Monica: 'Does it have to do with Joey?' Phoebe: 'No' Monica: 'Does it have to do with Chandler and that ...'7
Joey: 'They weren't in the play' Rachel: 'We're not actors' Estelle: 'What a shame, because with her face and her chest, I could really put something together' Chandler: '...'4
Kate: 'I don't know, I just, just do this. I always have to pick like the smartest guy or the most talented guy, why can't I just pick ...' Joey: 'Thanks'3
QuotePunchlineWords Missing
Joey: 'Hey, wouldn't it be cool if our duck and our chick had a little baby - we could call it chuck!' Chandler: '...'2
Phoebe: 'I'm like this kind of oat sowing, field playing, juggler' Joey: 'So Pheebs, do they know about each other?' Phoebe: 'Does a dog's lips move... - Okay no, they don't know'3
Phoebe: 'That is the nicest kitchen' Monica: 'I know' Phoebe: 'No, but it's the nicest kitchen, the refrigerator told me to ...'4
Rachel: 'Mon, you definitely have to make it a themed wedding, and the theme could be: ...'6
Phoebe:'I made you a candlelight dinner in the park' Vince:'You made him a candlelight dinner in the park?-I can't believe I ever went out with somebody who would have an ...'9
Monica: 'Maybe we could have a little workout of our own' Ho Chi: 'No, no boom boom before big fight' Monica: 'How 'bout ...'3
Rachel: 'How could you not tell me that she has hair?' Phoebe: 'I don't know, I hardly ever ...'4
Monica: 'Please tell me you're stopping now' Pete: 'I'm fine, I'd fight tonight if they'd let me, see this circle I'm marking off here, this is my ...'3
Pete: 'I'm telling you, the day will come when children will argue who could win in a fight: me or Superman. Now I'm not saying I could beat Superman, but you know, ...'3
Chandler: 'Say I'm a blind date, I show up at your door and I'm like: (in low voice) Hey, nice to meet ya' Monica: 'Well I'd probably be scared of the guy ...'4
Joey: 'Well let's say we were the last 2 guys on the face of the planet and you had a gun to your head, which one would you pick?' Monica: 'Which one of you has ...'5
Monica: 'So what's Phoebe like?' Phoebe: 'Kind, caring and sweet, ...'3
Rachel:'Do you think it is easy for me to see you with somebody else?' Ross: 'Hey, you're the one who ended it, remember?' Rachel: 'Yeah, because I was mad at you! Not because ...'4

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