Friends Finish the Line: Season Three, Ep 1-5

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Can you name the missing words in the Friends quotes from the season three episodes (episodes 1-5)?

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QuotePunchlineWords Missing
Joey: 'She used to drive you nuts before too, remember?' Chandler: 'Yeah, well I'm crazy about her now, I think this could be the real thing, capital R, capital T -don't worry ...'5
Ross: 'So what you, you tell each other everything? - Did you talk about the night of 5 times? Do you tell people about the night of 5 times?' Rachel: 'Uh honey, yeah ...'4
Janice: 'We have got to do something about our little situation here Joey, so this is my idea, you and me spending some quality time together-this is what we're gonna call it: ...'6
Joey: 'Does it have to be a whole day?' Janice: 'Yes, because that's how long it takes to love me' Joey: 'I know, ...'6
Monica: 'Hang on a second, I just got in' Ross: 'I don't care, it starts at eight, we can't be late' Phoebe: 'He could not, would not, ...'3
Rachel: 'Does this look like something the girlfriend of a paleontologist would wear?' Phoebe: 'I don't know, you might be ...' 3
Phoebe: 'Monica's beeping into Richard's machine' Chandler: 'Is she crazy?' Phoebe: '...'3
Phoebe: 'Okay, I'm ready' Ross & Chandler: 'AwAh' Phoebe: 'Rachel didn't have anything that I liked, so but she had this Christmas ribbon and I thought alright fine, ...'3
Phoebe: 'Get away from the phone!' Monica: 'Ow!' Phoebe: 'She's just getting dressed' Chandler: 'Is it wrong that I was ...'4
Joey: 'You hide my clothes, I'm wearing everything you own!' Chandler: 'Oh my god, that is so not the opposite of taking somebody's underwear!' Joey:'Look at me, I'm Chandler, ...'7
Monica: 'We could call the phone company, maybe they could change the message, maybe they could change his number? Phoebe: 'You know I think after this he'll be ...'3
QuotePunchlineWords Missing
Chandler: 'You're kinda sitting in my seat' Scientist: 'What do you mean your seat? - You left the chair area' Chandler: 'Alright, that's it, ...'3
Phoebe: 'You want Ursula and I'm Phoebe, twin sisters, seriously' Malcolm: 'Oh that's great, I'm ...'4
Ross: 'You just answer, it's like a reflex. Do I look fat? No. Is she prettier than I am? No. Does size matter?' Rachel: 'No' Ross: 'And it ...'3
Chandler: 'Okay Joey, I gotta ask, the girl from the Xerox place buck naked or a big tub of jam?' Joey: '...'4
Rachel: 'What happened to your jam plan?' Monica: 'I need to charge 17 bucks a jar just to break even, so I've got a new plan now, babies' Chandler: 'Well, you're gonna need ...'3
Joey: 'It seems to me it's pretty much like everything else, you know, face your fear. You have a fear of heights, you go to the top of the building, you're afraid of bugs - ...'3
Joey: 'Jump off the high dive, stare down the barrel of the gun, pee into the wind!' Chandler: 'I assure you, if I'm staring down the barrel of a gun I'm gonna be pretty much ...'4
Chandler: 'Oh no no no, don't go, I've scared ya, I've said too much, I'm hopeless and awkward and ...'3
Phoebe: 'The zoo commercial' Joey: 'I didn't get it?' Phoebe: No, they said that you weren't believable as a ...'2
Monica: I'll pay you double what he's paying you!' Joey: 'He's not paying me anything' Monica: '...'1
Frank Jr.: 'We went to Times Square, we found ninja stars, I almost get my arm broken by a hooker' Phoebe: 'She's not a hooker' Frank Jr.: 'When I tell my friends about her, ...'3

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