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Can you name the missing words in the Friends quotes from the season six episodes (episodes 1-5)?

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QuotePunchlineWords Missing
Monica:'I can't believe Ross and Rachel got married' Joey:'I didn't know they were dating again' Chandler: 'I don't think they're as much dating as they are 2 bottles of vodka ...'5
Ross: 'But we didn't have -sex, did we? I can't remember much about last night, it's such a blur' Rachel: 'Oh I remember laughing, I laughed a lot' Ross: 'Then we ...'3
Ross: 'We don't need to get divorced okay, we're just gonna get an annulment' Joey: 'An annulment, Ross I don't think ...'4
Ross: 'Listen, I know you wanted to talk to me, but I have an idea that may make you wanna stay married - we register, and you get to ...'4
Ross: 'You know what this is, this is a difference of opinion and when that happens in a marriage-' Rachel: 'Oh Ross, come on, this is not a marriage, this is the ...'3
Joey: 'I promised you a fun road trip with your friend and I didn't deliver okay, but now I know that you think ... is an important part of friendship'2
Chandler: 'You know, I was thinking, what if I unpack here?' Monica: 'Then all your stuff would be here' Chandler: 'Well, what if ...'5
Monica: 'Then you'd be going back and forth all the time, I mean, it doesn't make any sense' Chandler: 'Okay, what if we live together and you ...'4
Ross:'I don't want my tombstone to read: Ross Geller 3 divorces' Phoebe:'Don't worry about that, your tombstone can say whatever you want it to say, it could say Ross Geller ...'3
Rachel: 'You mean we're not gonna live together anymore?' Monica: 'No' Rachel: 'Oh my god, I'm gonna miss you so much' Monica: 'I'm gonna miss you' Rachel: 'I mean, ...'6
Joey: 'What about Ross?' Phoebe: 'I don't want to go into the whole thing, but we have words and ...'3
QuotePunchlineWords Missing
Ross: 'You wanna live with Monica, right?' Chandler: 'Yeah I do' Ross: 'And Mon, you wanna live with Chandler don't you?' Monica: 'Yes' Ross: 'Good, ... in the state of New York'5
Phoebe: 'I found you in my bed, how'd you wind up there? You are a mystery, ...'4
Phoebe: 'Now, if you wanna receive e-mails about my upcoming shows, then please give me money so I can ...'3
Rachel: 'You don't believe her, do you?' Phoebe: 'She said that I'd have triplets, but she also said one of 'em would ...'2
Joey: 'When I had insurance I could get hit by a bus or catch on fire, you know, now I gotta be careful?' Chandler: 'I'm sorry man, there's never a good time to have to ...'4
Ross: 'I knew all I had to do was let the material speak for itself, everyone's all: Ross, you have to be funny and sexy, well ...'4
Rachel: 'Hello Ross, this is Dr. McNealy from the ..., we'd like you to come on board with us full time'3
Phoebe: 'My reading was wrong, I'm not going to die' Rachel: 'How do you know?' Phoebe: 'Because ...'4
Rachel: 'I am so mad Ross, I don't think I've ever been this angry' Ross: 'What about the time I said ...'5
Joey: 'I'm having the best morning, that Porsche that I've got the keys to - still there!' Chandler: 'Shocking since you ...'4
Ross: 'I gotta say, I know I divorce a lot of women, never thought I'd be divorcing you' Rachel: 'I know, I always thought that if you and I got married, that would ...'5

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