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Can you name the missing words in the Friends quotes from the season one episodes (episodes 7-10)?

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QuotePunchlineWords Missing
Phoebe: 'Wait, what's my number? ...'5
Chandler: (mumbles) Monica: 'I have no idea what you just said' Chandler: 'Put Joey on the phone (mumbles)' Joey: 'Oh my god, he's...'8
Joey: 'My weirdest place would have to be the women's room on the second floor of the New York City Public Library' Monica: 'Oh my god, ...'7
Chandler (in mind): 'Mental note, if Jill Goodacre offers you gum, you take it. If she offers you ..., you take it!'3
Phoebe: 'New York City has no power and the milk is getting sour, but to me it is not scary 'cause...'5
Ross: 'You know how the nurse said that nana had, had passed, well she's not quite' Judy: 'What?' Ross: 'She's not passed (past), ...'2
Judy's Relative: 'What's going on?' Jack: 'She may have died' Relative: 'She may have died?' Jack: '...'4
Chandler: 'Is it my hair?' Rachel: 'Yes Chandler, that's exactly what it is, it's your hair' Phoebe: 'Yeah, ...'4
Monica: 'Mom already called this morning to remind me not to put my hair up. Did you know my ears are not my best feature?' Ross: '...'7
QuotePunchlineWords Missing
Judy: 'Your grandmother would have hated this' Monica: 'Well sure, what with it ...'5
Joey: 'I've got Monica naked!' Ross: 'No no, ...'5
LLowel: 'By the way, your friend Brian from payroll, he is' Chandler: 'He is?' Llowel: 'Yup, and ...'5
Joey: 'Hey Mon, I have a question, I don't see any tater tots' Monica: '...'4
Chandler: 'Oh my god, Underdog has broken loose and is flying over the city' Joey: 'The balloon?' Chandler: 'No no, ...'4
Ross: 'And you have no idea what I'm saying because let's face it, you're a fetus. You're just happy you ...'4
Ross: 'And hey, here's to a lousy Christmas' Rachel: '...'5
Ross: 'My friend Bethel rescued him from some lab' Phoebe: 'That is so cruel, why, why would ...'6
Phoebe: 'So you're really not going?' David: 'I don't know, I don't know what I'm gonna do, I just know I can't leave you, ...'4

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