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Can you name the missing words in the Friends quotes from the season one episodes (episodes 22-24)?

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QuotePunchlineWords Missing
Chandler: 'You okay there?' Ross: 'I can't believe you had sex in her dream!' Chandler: 'Well, I'm sorry, it was a one time thing, I was very drunk and it was ...'3
Ross: 'Oh, it's my new beeper' Joey: 'What the hell does a paleontologist need a beeper for?' Monica: 'Is it like for dinosaur emergencies? Help, come quick, ...'3
Monica: 'Ethan, focus, how could you not tell me?' Ethan: 'Well you never told me how old you were' Monica: 'Well, that's different, my lie didn't make one of us ...'5/6
Monica: 'I just had sex with someone who wasn't alive during the Bicentennial' Ethan: '...'4
Joey: 'Look tell me, was it like you and Chandler and then you and me, or you and me and Chandler?' Rachel: 'You know what, there were times ...'5
Ethan: 'I thought that was great' Monica: 'It was' Ethan: 'Then what's the problem?' Monica: 'It's um, ...'2
Monica: 'What are you going to do when you have a baby?' Joey: 'I'm gonna be in the waiting room handing out cigars' Chandler: 'Yes, Joey has made arrangements to have his baby...'6
Ross: 'I don't believe this, I mean she could be giving birth in the cab!' Rachel: 'Oh Ross relax, it's probably only like two dollars for the first contraction and then ...'6
Monica: 'Hypothetically why won't I be married when I'm 40? - No, what is it? Seriously, is there something fundamentally unmarry-able about me?' Chandler: 'Dear god, ...'5
QuotePunchlineWords Missing
Phoebe: 'They're tiny and chubby and so sweet to touch, soon they'll grow up and ...'4
Susan: 'Who am I? There's father's day, there's mother's day, there's no lesbian lover day!' Ross: 'Every day ...'4
Carol: 'What does he look like?' Ross: 'Kinda like my uncle Ed ...' 3
Monica: 'What does she think of your little science project?' Joey: 'What, you think I'm gonna tell a girl I like that ...'5
Ross: 'Well Rachel's having drinks with him tonight' Joey: 'Oh no, how can she do that when she's ...'6
Chandler: 'Forget about her' Joey: 'He's right man, please move on, go to China, eat Chinese food' Chandler: 'Course there, they just ...'3
Joey: 'We want you to be happy, and I may only have a couple beers in me, but I love you, man' Chandler: 'I'm still on my first - ...' 5
Monica: 'I can't believe he did this!' Chandler: 'Oh come on, Ross? Remember back in college when he fell in love with Carol and bought her that ridiculously expensive ...'2
Ross: 'I cannot wait for you to meet my friends' Julie: 'You don't think they'll judge and ridicule me?' Ross: 'No no, they will, I just' Ross & Julie: '...'2

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