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Can you name the missing words in the Friends quotes from the season five episodes (episodes 15-19)?

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Chandler: 'What was it? 4,5 months, that's more than most people have in a lifetime, so goodbye take care buh-bye then' Monica: 'What're you doing?' Chandler: 'Oh, I'm going ...'3
Ross: 'What the hell are you doing?' Rachel: 'What's going on?' Chandler: 'Well I think, I think - Ross knows about me and Monica' Joey: 'Dude, ...'4
Ross: 'I thought you were my best friend, this is my sister! My best friend and my sister, ...'4
Chandler:'We're not just messing around, I love her, okay? I'm in love with her' Monica: 'I'm so sorry that you had to find out this way, but it's true, I love him too' Ross: '...'6
Chandler: 'Okay and you know I'm completely different than Richard anyway, because he's an eye doctor and ...'4
Rachel: 'No, you're right, you are absolutely right, I mean that makes everything different' Chandler: 'Okay - it's not different at all is it?' Rachel: 'Not unless ...'4
Chandler:'I'm doing this because I'm sorry' Monica:'Do you really think the best reason to get married is because you're sorry?' Chandler:'No, the best reason to get married ...2
Joey: 'Hey Ross, will you pass me that knife?' Ross: 'No I will not' Joey: 'It's okay, you don't have to be so mean about it' Ross: 'You're right, I'm sorry, ...'4
Chandler: 'We wanted to finish the crossword before we went to bed - hey, do you know a 6 letter word for red?' Joey: '...'2
Ross: 'I need a couch that says: kids welcome here, but that also says: come here to me' Rachel: '...'5
Ross:'We did go out-not only did we go out, we did it 298 times' Rachel:'Ross! You kept count? You are such a loser!' Ross: 'A loser who you ...'5/8
Gary: 'What precinct are you with?' Phoebe: 'I'm with the uh 57th' Gary: 'Oh I know a guy in homicide up there' Phoebe: 'I'm in vice, yeah in fact I'm undercover right now, ...'3
QuotePunchlineWords Missing
Rachel: 'I think the way you do it is you meet someone, become their friend, build a foundation, then ask them out on a date, don't ...'5
Gary: 'I was wondering if you'd like to go to dinner with me? Ever since you flashed my badge at me I kinda can't stop thinking about you, you're the prettiest ... I've ever seen'3
Chandler: 'You've got to stop this competitive thing. I mean just to impress Gary and Phoebe you want me to go upstairs and have sex with you over and over and over and I'm ...'5
Monica: 'I've always found the men's bathroom very sexual, haven't you?' Chandler: 'No, and if I did, I don't think we'd be ...'2
Chandler: 'There's something different though, oh my god, you smoked!' Rachel: 'I did not' Chandler: 'Yes you did, you look ..., you smoked!'3
Ross: 'Maybe you messed up because you care more about your god-son' Joey: 'What do you mean?' Ross: 'I think subconsciously-' Joey: 'Oop, ...'3
Chandler: 'Is that what this is about? You like Caitlin?' - Rachel: 'Ross, we broke up 2 years ago, you've been married since then, I think it's okay that we ...'3
Rachel: 'Tell her to wear her own earrings' Phoebe: 'These are her earrings' Rachel: 'No, no! You lent me Monica's earrings? I'm not ...'5
Chandler:'You flirt with guys all the time?' Monica:'It doesn't mean anything, and I know it doesn't mean anything with you' Chandler:'There is a big difference, you are a lot ...'4
Chandler: 'Rachel when you were going out with Ross, did it bother you when he flirted with other women?' Rachel: 'Uh no no, it bothered me when he ...'4
Rachel: 'I think he really likes you' Caitlin: 'Really?' Rachel: 'Well you know, we have 7 people and like 10 pizzas, what do you think?' Caitlin: 'I just - I thought ...'3

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