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Can you name the Boy Meets World characters in order from the clues given?

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Forced Order
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The main character of the show, the 'boy'
Long time girlfriend and later wife of above, once cut her hair in school in order to show him that looks don't matter
Good friend of above who begins school at John Adams High School as a senior and continues the friendship into college
Boyfriend of above for a portion of the show, best friend of the 'brillo-head', and there is always an Eskimo standing in his way
Mother of above who leaves him and takes their trailer park mobile home with her
Husband of above who leaves his son to go look for his wife after she leaves
Estranged son of above who reconciles with him later in the show, intimidated about dating a girl taller than him
Girlfriend of above, moves into his apartment after giving up Yale and moving to Philadelphia to be with her ex-boyfriend
Roommate of above, calls himself Kyle, wanted to see all 50 states so he was going to drive until they started speaking Chinese and hang a U-ie to see Hawaii
Mentor of above and many times the rest of the cast, wants his students to do good
Fellow teacher of above at John Adams High School, takes in the mailbox-blowing up trailer park kid for a time to live with him
Coworker of above (Janitor) at John Adams High School
Helped out above by allowing him to leave early and punching out of the time clock later in the day, 'the rat'
Best friend and fellow lackey of above, 'the enforcer'
Leader of above, was played by two different actors during the course of the show
Was picked on by above (and pretty much everyone else), he only lost the valedictorian spot by one stinkin' A!
Above was occasionally at her house in the beginning of the show, she is worried about her son's F-U-T-U-R-E, not his furniture
Husband of above, would rather jump out of a plane than have a real conversation with one of his sons
Only daughter of above, played by two different actresses throughout the course of the show

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