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Can you name Can you name all the teams which will take part in international UEFA competitions this season?

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CountryTeamEntry in
AlbaniaCL Q2 (1st)
AlbaniaEL Q1 (Cup)
AlbaniaEL Q1 (2nd)
AlbaniaEL Q1 (4th)
AndorraCL Q1 (1st)
AndorraEL Q1 (Cup)
AndorraEL Q1 (2nd)
ArmeniaCL Q1 (1st)
ArmeniaEL Q1 (Cup)
ArmeniaEL Q1 (2nd)
ArmeniaEL Q1 (3rd)
AustriaCL Q2 (1st)
AustriaEL Q3 (Cup)
AustriaEL Q2 (3rd)
AustriaEL Q1 (4th)
AzerbaijanCL Q2 (1st)
AzerbaijanEL Q1 (3rd)
AzerbaijanEL Q1 (5th)
AzerbaijanEL Q1 (6th)
BelarusCL Q2 (1st)
BelarusEL Q2 (Cup)
BelarusEL Q1 (2nd)
BelarusEL Q1 (3rd)
BelgiumCL GS (1st)
BelgiumCL Q3 (2nd)
BelgiumEL GS (Cup)
BelgiumEL Q3 (3rd)
BelgiumEL Q2 (PO)
BosniaCL Q2 (1st)
BosniaEL Q1 (2nd)
BosniaEL Q1 (3rd)
BosniaEL Q1 (Cup)
BulgariaCL Q2 (1st)
BulgariaEL Q2 (2nd)
BulgariaEL Q1 (3rd)
BulgariaEL Q1 (4th)
CroatiaCL Q2 (1st)
CroatiaEL Q3 (2nd)
CroatiaEL Q2 (3rd)
CroatiaEL Q1 (4th)
CyprusCL Q2 (1st)
CyprusEL Q3 (Cup)
CyprusEL Q1 (2nd)
CyprusEL Q1 (4th)
Czech RepublicCL Q3 (1st)
Czech RepublicCL Q3 (2nd)
Czech RepublicEL Q3 (Cup)
Czech RepublicEL Q3 (3rd)
Czech RepublicEL Q2 (5th)
DenmarkCL Q2 (1st)
DenmarkEL Q2 (2nd)
DenmarkEL Q1 (3rd)
DenmarkEL Q1 (4th)
EnglandCL GS (1st)
EnglandCL GS (2nd)
EnglandCL GS (3rd)
EnglandCL PO (4th)
EnglandEL GS (Cup)
EnglandEL GS (6th)
EnglandEL Q3 (7th)
EstoniaCL Q1 (1st)
EstoniaEL Q1 (2nd)
EstoniaEL Q1 (3rd)
EstoniaEL Q1 (4th)
Faroe IslandsCL Q1 (1st)
Faroe IslandsEL Q1 (2nd)
Faroe IslandsEL Q1 (3rd)
Faroe IslandsEL Q1 (4th)
FinlandCL Q2 (1st)
FinlandEL Q1 (Cup)
FinlandEL Q1 (2nd)
FinlandEL Q1 (3rd)
FranceCL GS (1st)
FranceCL GS (2nd)
FranceCL Q3 (3rd)
FranceEL GS (4th)
FranceEL Q3 (5th)
FranceEL Q3 (6th)
CountryTeamEntry in
GermanyCL GS (1st)
GermanyCL GS (2nd)
GermanyCL GS (3rd)
GermanyCL PO (4th)
GermanyEL GS (5th)
GermanyEL GS (6th)
GermanyEL Q3 (7th)
GeorgiaCL Q2 (1st)
GeorgiaEL Q1 (2nd)
GeorgiaEL Q1 (3rd)
GeorgiaEL Q1 (4th)
GibraltarCL Q1 (1st)
GibraltarEL Q1 (2nd)
GreeceCL Q3 (1st)
GreeceCL Q3 (2nd)
GreeceEL Q3 (3rd)
GreeceEL Q3 (4th)
GreeceEL Q2 (6th)
HungaryCL Q2 (1st)
HungaryEL Q1 (2nd)
HungaryEL Q1 (3rd)
HungaryEL Q1 (4th)
IcelandCL Q2 (1st)
IcelandEL Q1 (Cup)
IcelandEL Q1 (2nd)
IcelandEL Q1 (3rd)
IrelandCL Q2 (1st)
IrelandEL Q1 (2nd)
IrelandEL Q1 (3rd)
IrelandEL Q1 (4th)
IsraelCL Q2 (1st)
IsraelEL Q2 (Cup)
IsraelEL Q1 (2nd)
IsraelEL Q1 (3rd)
ItalyCL GS (1st)
ItalyCL GS (2nd)
ItalyCL PO (3rd)
ItalyEL GS (4th)
ItalyEL GS (5th)
ItalyEL Q3 (6th)
KazakhstanCL Q2 (1st)
KazakhstanEL Q1 (2nd)
KazakhstanEL Q1 (3rd)
KazakhstanEL Q1 (4th)
LatviaCL Q2 (1st)
LatviaEL Q1 (2nd)
LatviaEL Q1 (3rd)
LatviaEL Q1 (4th)
LiechtensteinEL Q1 (Cup)
LithuaniaCL Q2 (1st)
LithuaniaEL Q1 (2nd)
LithuaniaEL Q1 (3rd)
LithuaniaEL Q1 (4th)
LuxembourgCL Q2 (1st)
LuxembourgEL Q1 (2nd)
LuxembourgEL Q1 (3rd)
LuxembourgEL Q1 (4th)
MacedoniaCL Q2 (1st)
MacedoniaEL Q1 (2nd)
MacedoniaEL Q1 (3rd)
MacedoniaEL Q1 (4th)
MaltaCL Q1 (1st)
MaltaEL Q1 (2nd)
MaltaEL Q1 (3rd)
MaltaEL Q1 (4th)
MoldovaCL Q2 (1st)
MoldovaEL Q1 (2nd)
MoldovaEL Q1 (3rd)
MoldovaEL Q1 (4th)
MontenegroCL Q2 (1st)
MontenegroEL Q1 (2nd)
MontenegroEL Q1 (3rd)
MontenegroEL Q1 (4th)
NetherlandsCL GS (1st)
NetherlandsCL Q3 (2nd)
NetherlandsEL GS (3rd)
NetherlandsEL Q3 (4th)
NetherlandsEL Q3 (PO)
CountryTeamEntry in
Northern IrelandCL Q2 (1st)
Northern IrelandEL Q1 (2nd)
Northern IrelandEL Q1 (3rd)
Northern IrelandEL Q1 (PO)
NorwayCL Q2 (1st)
NorwayEL Q2 (2nd)
NorwayEL Q1 (3rd)
NorwayEL Q1 (4th)
PolandCL Q2 (1st)
PolandEL Q2 (2nd)
PolandEL Q1 (3rd)
PolandEL Q1 (4th)
PortugalCL GS (1st)
PortugalCL GS (2nd)
PortugalCL PO (3rd)
PortugalEL GS (4th)
PortugalEL Q3 (5th)
PortugalEL Q3 (6th)
RomaniaCL Q3 (1st)
RomaniaCL Q3 (2nd)
RomaniaEL Q3 (3rd)
RomaniaEL Q3 (4th)
RussiaCL GS (1st)
RussiaCL Q3 (2nd)
RussiaEL GS (3rd)
RussiaEL Q3 (4th)
RussiaEL Q3 (5th)
San MarinoCL Q1 (1st)
San MarinoEL Q1 (2nd)
San MarinoEL Q1 (3rd)
ScotlandCL Q2 (1st)
ScotlandEL Q2 (Cup)
ScotlandEL Q1 (2nd)
ScotlandEL Q1 (3rd)
SerbiaCL Q2 (1st)
SerbiaEL Q2 (Cup)
SerbiaEL Q1 (3rd)
SerbiaEL Q1 (4th)
SlovakiaCL Q2 (1st)
SlovakiaEL Q1 (2nd)
SlovakiaEL Q1 (3rd)
SlovakiaEL Q1 (4th)
SloveniaCL Q2 (1st)
SloveniaEL Q2 (Cup)
SloveniaEL Q1 (3rd)
SloveniaEL Q1 (4th)
SpainCL GS (EL)
SpainCL GS (1st)
SpainCL GS (2nd)
SpainCL GS (3rd)
SpainCL PO (4th)
SpainEL GS (5th)
SpainEL GS (6th)
SwedenCL Q2 (1st)
SwedenEL Q2 (Cup)
SwedenEL Q1 (2nd)
SwedenEL Q1 (3rd)
SwitzerlandCL GS (1st)
SwitzerlandCL Q3 (2nd)
SwitzerlandEL GS (Cup)
SwitzerlandEL Q3 (3rd)
SwitzerlandEL Q2 (4th)
TurkeyCL GS (1st)
TurkeyCL Q3 (2nd)
TurkeyEL GS (3rd)
TurkeyEL Q3 (4th)
TurkeyEL Q2 (5th)
UkraineCL GS (1st)
UkraineCL Q3 (2nd)
UkraineEL GS (4th)
UkraineEL Q3 (5th)
UkraineEL Q2 (6th)
WalesCL Q1 (1st)
WalesEL Q1 (2nd)
WalesEL Q1 (3rd)
WalesEL Q1 (4th)

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