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Can you name the Name the Hearthstone Legendary by Quote (Up to Un'Goro)?

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Forced Order
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'I am the darkest night.'
'You dare challenge the daughter of Deathwing?'
'Take this time to consider your past deeds.'
'Witness the power of pure water!'
'The might of Dalaran has arrived!'
'Bow down before the God of Death.'
'Ah, the thrill of the hunt.'
'Let's show our guests a good time.'
'The Menagerie is for guests only.'
'The feast of souls begins now!'
'Come, little ones.'
'Un'Goro belongs to the Titans!'
'Jade Serpent guide you.'
'I dream and the world trembles.'
'Winds! Obey my command!'
'Fall before the Old Gods.'
'I can wait and fish all day!'
'Behold the rage of the Firelands.'
'Embrace the power of the Kabal!'
'Safety restrictions offline. Harvesting servos engaged.'
'Take heart, young one. The Earthmother is near.'
'The eyes of the Earth Mother are upon us.'
'Behold, the glory of a new sun!'
'Woooo! I'm on fire!'
'Da spirits be restless.'
'Feed you to Master!'
'Stalagg crush you!'
'Now you feel pain!'
'I can wait no longer.'
'I have returned.'
'Ra! Reinforcements be here!'
'Pick a card...any card.'
'You require my assistance?'
'Put your faith in the Light!'
'None shall pass.'
'Keep it quick kid, I ain't got all day.'
'None may challenge the living flame!'
'Let the dark consume you!'
'You have been measured and found wanting.'
'I'm in charge now!'
'Break yourself upon my body!'
'This time, for sure!'
'My dreaming ends...Your nightmare...begins...'
'I'll take on the lot o' ya.'
'Prepare to face the mighty Millhouse Manastorm!'
'Behold, the absolute power of Wilfred Fizzlebang!'
'You will BURN!'
'From the depths I come!'
'You cannot stop the Kvaldir!'
'Not all who wander are lost.'
'By the elements combined!'
'Just in time.'
'Who knows what secrets we'll uncover?'
'Gorge your hatred. Embrace your rage!'
'Behold! The magnificent aerial command unit!'
'Bask in the glory of the V-07-TR-0N!'
'Back in the slammer.'
'Leeroooooy Jeeeenkiiiiins!'
'In the Grand Tournament, you win, or you die.'
'Mogor deci- no. Mogor destr- uh, wait no. Mogor kill!'
'Ha ha ha, you can't hide forever!'
'Prepare yourself for the ultimate test!'
'Surrender your will to the Kabal.'
'At last, a worthy disciple.'
'The jungle hides many secrets.'
'My life is your shield.'
'Bow before the fury of the storm!'
'You are safe now.'
'Behold, my mighty invention!'
'Usurpers! Gnomeregan is mine!'
'Do you have the artifact?'
'Welcome to Gadgetzan!'
'Minions, servants, soldiers of the cold dark! Obey the call...of Kel'Thuzad!'
'This world; so delicious.'
'I must remain hidden to remain free.'
'Tonight, a tale of glorious redemption'
'By the power of Ragnaros, I have the power!'
'Who wants presents?'
'Golems are a girl's best friend!'
'Soon I will be queen!'
'Succumb to your darkness.'
'Everyone has a price.'
'The Brotherhood shall prevail.'
'I am the essence of magic!'
'We hunger for vengeance.'
'Show them no mercy.'
'I bring life and hope.'
'Time is money, friend!'
'All realities, all dimensions, are open to me.'
'A hundred kings will rise again!'
'I am Mal'Ganis. I am eternal!'
'Hostile entities detected.'
'A game? So kind of you to join me.'
'Prepare the Mecha-Chicken'
'That belongs in a museum!'
'So many wonderful poisons.'
'I fish bigger game.'
'Hey pal, Trade Prince Gallywix here.'
'Drink up, me hearties!'
'We are the true Horde!'
'Let's negotiate. You concede and I'll let you live.'
'I am Rafaam, the supreme archaeologist.'
'I taste the essence of your soul.'
'I have no time for games.'
'The greatest virtue is patience.'
'Come forth, coward!'
'My winged children fill the skies.'
'Who's up for an adventure?'
'Gaze into the void.'
'I am the Void. I am your master.'
'We're gonna be rich!'
'Behold the armies of Stormwind.'
'Chaos beckons.'
'To his will all flesh succumbs! (What he said!)'
'You are not prepared!'
'Hey, join the Goons. (Or meet my fist!)'
'Welcome to the Grand Tournament, Champion.'
'Who dares defile this ancient land?'
'I see you!'
'The Scourge will consume you!'
'The True Horde cannot be stopped!'

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