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Can you name the important people of the Roman Republic?

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I am traditionally credited with creating the Roman Republic in 509 BC.
I was proclaimed Dictator for Life in 44 BC, which led some senators to believe me a tyrant.
I defeated Hannibal at the Battle of Zama in 202 BC, ending the Second Punic War.
I was known for my oratorical skills, making me an influencal senator until my death in 43 BC.
I was the first Roman to march his army on Rome itself, making myself Dictator in 82 BC.
I was elected consul an unprecedented seven times, the first being in 107 BC.
As consul, I defeated Philip V in the Second Macedonian War, establishing Roman presence in Greece.
I conquered much of the east for Rome, and died defending the Republic in 48 BC.
As plebeian tribune, I tried to help the homeless in Italy, only to be killed by a few senators in 133 BC.
I was the former answer's brother, and met a similar demise in 121 BC.
I was the richest man in Roman history, and the third member of the First Triumvirate.
I was Caesar's right-hand-man, and was defeated by his stepson at the Battle of Actium in 30 BC.
It is said that I ended all of my senatorial speeches with, 'Furthermore, I believe Carthage should be destroyed.'
I am the forgotten member of the Second Triumvirate, holding the high priesthood in Rome until my death in 12 BC.
I was a Thracian slave that led an almost-successful revolt against Rome.

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