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QUIZ: Can you name the Shawshank Redemption Quiz?

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Forced Order
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Why does Andy go to Shawshank? (one word)
Who does Andy supposedly kill?
What does Andy do with the gun?
Where does Andy work?
What actor played Andy?
Who played Red?
Who did they consider to play Andy first?
Who did they want to play as Red first?
What year did Andy go to Shawshank?
What is the Warden's name?
The warden believes in discipline and the _______.
When is the worse part about at Shawshank, according to Red?
Who gets beaten up by the lead guard on the first night?
What is the name of the group that beats up Andy?
Who's the leader of the Sister's?
What is Red's real first name?
What do the boy's get on the roof for helping out the guards?
What does Andy ask Red for before anything?
Who does he use to cover the wall?
How long does Red say it would take to dig through the walls?
Who is the only guilty man in shawshank?
What does brooks deliver to the other inmates?
What does red call 'being dependent on the walls'?
Who comes to shawshank for breaking and entering?
What keeps Andy going?
Easy, Peasy, Japanesey.....
Who does Tommy say killed Andy's wife and her lover?
What does prison turn Andy into, that he wouldnt have been outside of prison?
Sir, how could you be so _________.?
Who does brooks try to kill to stay in prison?
How does brooks end up dying?
What does Andy crawl through to freedom?
What country is Andy headed to?
What city does Andy tell Red to go to?
Why do the police come to get the warden?
What does the Warden do when he finds out the police are there to get him?
Who was originally supposed to play Tommy?
Whose pictures do they use to potray Red in his parole pictures?
What is Andy's prison number?
What do Andy and Red do in the final moments of the movie?

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