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Forced Order
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What are Doug and Carrie's last name?
What is the first and last name of Doug's best friend?
Who is the nerdiest of the Doug's group of friends?
What part of New York has Carrie always wanted to live in?
Where do Doug and Carrie live?
Where do Doug's parents live?
What does Doug say in place of saying 'shut up'?
What noise does Doug make when he thinks something is lame?
What is Carrie's 'go to move' when she is mad at Doug?
What does Richie call Doug?
How many episodes does Ray Ramano appear in?
What is the name of Doug and Carrie's annoying neighbors?
What is Doug's sister's name?
What is Spence's girlfriends name?
How many character's that appear in the show are actually married to a person in the show in real life?
What animal does Doug make friends with that stops him from eating meat?
Where do the guys usually hang out at Doug's house?
Where do the guys usually go out to eat?
What is Deacon's middle name?
What is Doug's middle name?
What are Doug's parents name's?
Name Doug's 3 favorite sports teams (baseball,basketball,then football)
What did Doug call Arthur after being stuck in the car with him for an hour? (4 words)
What is the name of Doug's supervisor?
What are Deacon and Kelly's kids names?
What sport does Doug play that eventually gets him hired as a lawyer?
What is carrie's boss's name? (not the head of the company)
What does Lou play instead of training Doug?
Who made the big football block that Doug thought he had made?
What is Spence's dog's name?
Who is the new driver who didn't invite Doug to his bbq?
Who is the driver Doug 'role plays' for Carrie?
What does one guy come to the door wearing all the time on Doug's delivery routes?
What does Doug have to throw up a flight of stairs to keep his streak going?
What are the nicknames Doug and Carrie make up for the people they try to get rid of to make the perfect couple for knick games?
What does Doug say someone called him after he discovers the big and tall shop bag?
Where is the first place Doug and Deacon meet?
What was Carrie's original first name?
What does Doug make after he sings 'mary had a little lamb' to try and fall asleep?
Which of Doug's toys that he gets for Christmas tells the future?

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