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QUIZ: Can you name the movies by songs from their soundtracks or scores (2000s)?

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Paper Planes*, Gangsta Blues, Dreams On Fire
Mr. Blue Sky*, Everybody's Got to Learn Sometime*, Elephant Parade
Desert Bus Ride, Para Que Regreses*, Bibo No Azora*
The Long Walk, Body Bomb, The Way I Am
You Are My Sunshine*, Down to the River to Pray*, In the Jailhouse Now*
Le moulin, Sur le fil, Pas si simple
Postcards, The Hummingbird, Nothing Lasts
Taken At All*, Help Yourself*, Bust a Move*
Lionel and Bertie, Memories of Childhood, The Rehearsal
The Winner Is, No One Gets Left Behind, We're Gonna Make It
Two Figures By a Fountain, The Half Killed, Denouement
Bad Kids*, Mushaboom*, Vagabond*
The White Tree, Hope Fails, Into the West
The Harts, Stalking, I Knew Her
Gimme Shelter*, I'm Shipping Up to Boston*, Comfortably Numb*
La Vie en Rose*, Mutiny!, Desperate Eve
The Moribund Tree and the Toad, Mercedes Lullaby, Ofelia
Nina's Dream, Lose Yourself, Perfection
The Youth*, When I Grow Up*, Milk Man*
Slaughter*, Cat People*, Un Amico*
Summer Overture, Dr. Pill, Cleaning Apartment
Fragments of a Prayer*, Song of the Angel*, Mother and Child*
Hopeless Emptiness, April, A Bit Whimsical
Vespertillo, Barbastella, Corynorhinus
Hand Covers Bruise, In Motion, The Gentle Hum of Anxiety
Intro / Tokyo, Too Young*, Just Like Honey*
Eat Him By His Own Light, HW/Hope of New Fields, Prospector's Quartet
I'll Build a Stairway to Paradise*, Nightmare*, Do I Worry?*

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