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Can you name the tyler hall-Johnston street?

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ecu questionsget it right
whose poop did corey clean up for a dollar?
When Dy first met bill she threatened him with what motion?
Tony hid what under his bed at johnston street?
who rolled the fattest blizzards in greenville
who trapped tony and corey in their dorm room and made them late for class
what got stolen from the porch of 111 eastern
what did tony's throw up consist mostly of after benton's graduation party?
whose bed did tony get in, naked.
The three Letters that were written on a banner and hung in Apt. V
Bill and benton majored in this
a cool summertime hang out at 111 eastern?
Benton worked here
what was the name of Benton's random freshman roomate
a nickname tony gave to a lady he met whose body was not all he had hoped
Bill introduced tony benton and corey to what amazing drink
what frat did bill, corey and tony (not at the same time) pledge for a brief time
Tony's favorite 'going out' attire?
which one of tony's 'girlfirends' did Benton make out with?
Where did Bill and Tony travel for Tony's Birthday
Pizza place Tony worked at?
what type of test did tony pass after staying up all night playing madden
ecu questionsget it right
whose TV broke due to too much madden playing?
who projectiled vomitted in Tony's bedroom at pirates cove?
pizza place Bill worked at?
how many years did Corey take to graduate?
What drink led to tony puking his guts out at 519 on his birthday
what did nick and clay had what in their dorm room which led to them moving to tyler hall
what did corey major in
What was the name of Bill's random freshman roomate?
How many years did Tony take to graduate
Tony got pulled over for what reason
name the bar we drank underage at all the time
How many years did Bill take to graduate?
Benton was this one year for halloween?
Team name of freshman year flag football team
creepy thing found in the attic of 111 eastern
the best ncaa player ever, who ended up actually being one of the best players in the nfl
what did 2nd floor Tyler residents sit in, outside of corey's room to applude his conquest?
name the two ladies that frequented our residence
typical madden match up (team names)
How many years did benton take to graduate?

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