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Complete the QouteAnswersMovie
This is a very big gun ___ ____ ______ ____!Face Off
Casing fit like a ____Face Off
I'll take pleasure in ____ ___, ___The Rock
___ ___ Larry8mm
It isn't lying. You just tell them what you did right, ___ ___ _____ ___ ___ ____Snake Eyes
I wish I had ___ ____.The Weatherman
On any other day, ____ _____ ____ _____Con Air
(signing) I'm ready, ready ___ ___ ___ ____, ____Face Off
Complete the QouteAnswersMovie
Kick Ass, they should call him ___ ____Kick-Ass
I came here to ____ ______ __ ____Leaving Las Vegas
When I get out of here....I'm ____ ____ ___ ____Face Off
You're a bad girl, baby, you ___ __ __ ___Family Man
Have you ever been dragged to the sidewalk and _____ ___ ___ _____ _____Matchstickman
Carla was the ____ ____The Rock
Why don't you come with us, try terrorism for higher, we'll ____ ____ ____ __, ___ ____ ___Face Off
This is just sub ___Family Man

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