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QUIZ: Can you name the Good Will Hunting Trivia?

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GWH Questions
Will grew up where?
Morgan orders this type of food
Will relates coffee to eating a bunch of what?
What does Morgan use chuck's little league glove for?
What would Will pick for his foster father to beat him with?
Will asks Skylar if he has a sign on his back that says what?
From what page does the guy in the bar plagiarise?
How many brothers does Will tell Skylar he has?
What is Carlton Fisk's nickname
What is Skylar 'all about'
What is Will 'all about'
GWH Questions
Finish the quote: just want to sit around with all the other trustfund babies and talk about
What does professor Lambeau call Will's friends to Sean?
According to Chuckie what is Kathy missing?
Fill in the blank: It's not about you, you ____ ___. Its about the boy
According to Will, what would have made his magic trick better?
What does Will urge the flight attendant not to forget?
Whos is Ted Kaczynski?
Where does Skylar want Will to go with her?
'My boy's..
What does Morgan swallow?
What does Skylar see when she looks at a piano?

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