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What was the nickname of brocks friend that smoked weed in the secret garden at uwa?
What did alex steal from the temple on his way back from the tav?
Who dropped their middy at the tav while standing when it seemed like a coin was going to land in it?
who kicked off the tap in the tav toilet that resulted in water gushing out at a fast rate?
Who famously kept 'banking' their nba drinking shots until they were 30 drinks down?
who was designated with Ken on street fighter
who despised when people called him 'buddy'?
in argyll second year, what 3 items were the staple foods from the first shop? (alphabetical order) ( 2, 2, 1)
who backed up pistol pete on duty when we all went out
how many balloons were bought on alex's birthday
what was bchunks pub crawl record for $ spent (nearest 10)
where was the export stored for nba drinking in the first month of college
what was a can of export traded for on 2010 stumps?
who was naked in an ice bath at 7am of stumps 2009?
who was the host of the tv cooking show that was used as a drinking game
who broke up the stash/kelly fight after sophie kissed duffy?
who did stash give 3 cruisers to at tough week?
who had the smelliest room in bottom floor Iona in 2009?
what did Tom Mitchell think the octabong was?
who did alex have kissy wissys with at the first rubiks cube party?

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