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KDC II: Revenge of the Eggs Cooked in Sausage Grease?

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What is Homer J Simpson's middle name?
In THPS2, what do you have to ollie 5 of at venice beach?
which twin threw up on brocks shoe at the 2004 busso show?
what does unforgivable leave in the mailbox to get his girlfriend in a little trouble?
who was mad about getting his eyebrows shaved because 'i'm a bartender!!!'
who is the paleo **** on MKR?
which afl player was nicknamed Lethal?
which nba player got in trouble for taking a dump in a team mates shoe?
Who enjoys generic bchunk knowledge
what cheat code do you use to get extra food on age of empires 2?
What name have i grown fond of calling toddy recently? Lord ________________
name the teams shaq has played for? (last names, spaces between each, chronological order, 6 in total)
which nba player has recently been nicknamed 'stifle tower'?
finish the kanye lyric: 'champagne wishes, 30 ___________ __________, man this **** is, **** ridiculous'
finish the starting lineup: damian, timo, jason, ________, junior
who said this: 'they gettin beat like they stole something mr bosley!'
which host of the late, late show, did we particularly enjoy watching in 2011 before we got foxtel
and what was his robot co-host named?
who was rodding up in 2006 leadership camp and grabbing each others dicks and complimenting each other? _____________ and _____________
what was the most popular dish when we went to chilliz?
which dragon ball z character would get no gash if he were real?

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