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Forced Order
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'And you said HI! HI! HI! You sounded like my niece, and she's only 6 months old!'
'I don't talk trash, I talk SMACK.'
'Jim has been staring at me, like a lot lately. I would be creeped out, but it's nothing compared to the way Michael stares at me.'
'I expected it to go one of two ways. But I never expected her to get upset.'
'Beer me. Just hand me that water.'
'That one night (one night), you made everything all right!'
'Your fantasy involves comparison shopping birthing classes?'
'I've been involved in a number of cults, both as a follower and as a leader. You have more fun as a follower, but you make more money as a leader.'
'If it were an iPod, it'd be a shuffle.'
'Everything? Even a one night stand?'
'You cheated on me? When I specifically asked you not to?'
'They HAPPEN to speak Spanish.'
'She cut her nose off to spider face.'
'AARRRGHHH!!!! What is wrong with me today?! Usually make those.'
'Phyllis, these are SPOONS, which have rounded tops and are used to scoop things.'
'Reject a woman and she will never forgive you, one of the many defects of their kind. Also weak arms.'
'We have a safety meeting once a year or when there's an accident. We never made it a whole year.'
'Why did you have to cut off the face?'
'Wow that really adds up. That's like half an hour every hour?'

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