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QUIZ: Can you name the UNC RUF and China?

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HintAnswerThe Peanut Gallery
Total number of RUFers that went to China last summer
China spelled backwards
Population of China (approximate)
It is 1,387.2 miles long
Countries that begin with N and border China
The favorite breakfast food of RUF students on last years trip
Number of summers Daniel Mason has spent in China
Number of Provinces
Currency (careful with spelling)
Is the trip going to be fun, rewarding, educational, and purposeful?
Number of Countries that share a land border with China
Number of tiny stars that appear on China's flag
China's official name
HintAnswerThe Peanut Gallery
The Capital
Dates of this years trip (2010)
Largest City (population)
Number of years Daniel Mason lived in China
Colors of Chinese flag
Official Language
A misspelling of this person's name caused a long delay at the airport in China on last years trip
If it is 4:00pm in Chapel Hill what time is it in Beijing?
To what foreign country will RUF visit this summer?
China's two Special Administrative Regions (SARs)
What famous pastor did last years group encounter
Famous mountain on which China's highest point is located
Most famous square in China
Year the PRC was extablished

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