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A. the plastic tip at the end of a shoelace
B. an animal or an expression used when someone wont leave you alone
C. a large island near Italy now owned by France
D. the word that comes after caution usually
E. It means he is with us
F. The largest bone in the body
G. Manager of the New York Yankees(his last name however you can add his first)
H. A Shakespeare play about a prince
I.Country with over one billion people in it
J. One of the twelve tribes of Israel in the ancient days
K. The only country with gyz consecutively
L. Along with tendons they connect different bones in the body
M. A form of Chinese
N. He discovered gravity
O. A grammy award winning band singing Hey ya, Ms. Jackson and more
P. A country in Europe
Q. A country in Asia
R. a restuarant that serves burgers, Yum
S. A show on Nickelodeon
T. A type of fowl or a country in Asia
U. A singer whose first name is Carrie
V. A french word coming before and after a
W. Champs saying in Anchorman
X. it is an instrument
Y. Troll the ancient___________ carol
Z. You would see these on hockey rinks

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