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Forced Order
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 Where did 1st Sgt. Lipton tell Lt. Dike he grew up?
 In 'Crossroads' what did the easy men name their dog?
 Which three men were shot in the buttocks (Last names, seperated by a space)
 Despite its popular usage in WWII, which is the only Easy Co. soldier to use the M3 Grease Gun?
 When Muck is telling a new recruit about the soldiers that have been wounded, which soldier does he regard as 'One Lucky Bastard' for not being hit yet?
 Who was the only soldier that Doc Roe called by their nickname?
 Lt. Dikes nickname given to him by Easy's men was
 Which two soldiers played cards instead of beating the soldier who drunkenly shot Sgt. Grant?
 How many miles up is the mountain Currahee?
 During jump training, which soldier did Sobel reprimand for 'breaking both his legs'?
 How many points did Pvt. Janovec have in 'Points'?
 Which composer does Cpt. Nixon correctly identify in 'Why We Fight'?
 To which unit did Maj. Winters apply for a transfer to?
 Which soldier never fired his rifle?
 In 'Points' which item did Winters trade for the regimental photo album?
 In 'Day of Days' to which company did Pvt. John Hall belong to?
 How much open field did Easy Company have to cross before reaching foy in 'The Breaking Point'? (No fractions, spell out)
 In 'Day Of Days' Lt. Winters lost his weapon in the jump, after ambushing a german convoy he obtains which german firearm?
 Which soldier knocked down the fence in 'Replacements'?
 What size is Joe Toyes boots?
 Which river did Warren 'Skip' Muck cross?
 What was the only operation that Lt. Heyliger was able to lead in 'Crossroads' before he was shot by a friendly?

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