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Can you name the Kenny Chesney songs by opening lines?

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opening lyricssong titles
'the body's a temple, that's what we're told'
'people always tell me their life story'
'saw a man in the movies that didn't have a heart'
'it was early one morning, playa del carma'
'we had a dog named bocephus living in the front yard'
'i move on like a sinner's prayer'
'man i could use a pina colada'
'we went out last night. like we swore we wouldn't do'
'preacher told me last sunday morning, son you better start living right'
'one word. that's all you said'
'staring out into the wild blue yonder'
'walking along beneath the moonlights'
'i haven't seen you in forever. oh you haven't changed a bit'
'tired of my beeper. tired of my phone.'
'still drunk. still ringing in my head'
'jack and diane painted a picture of a life in my dreams'
'i turned on the evening news, saw an old man being interviewed'
'she's got every quality, from A all the way to Z'
'i knew i could never hold that girl. she was born to see the world'
'well i've been lost in this town, even though i know my way around'
'well i opened my heart and i let you in'
'saw him sitting on a sidewalk in fresno'
'a little country church on a two lane road'
'he left maine cause he needed a change'
'same old bedroom floor. same old empty sheets'
opening lyricssong titles
'well me and my lady had our first big fight'
'all he could think about was i'm too young for this'
'i keep telling myself this is the right thing to do'
'summertime is finally here'
'plowing these fields in the hot summer sun'
'so damn easy to say that life's so hard'
'ordinary. no. i really don't think so'
'south of the border, american dollars will take you a long long way'
'in the town where i was raised'
'she was aware of her insecurities as she took the stage'
'looking back now, well it makes me laugh'
'well i ain't had nothing to drink'
'i had a hundred dollar ring in my hand'
'darlin' if you think back to the heartbroken past'
'i'd spent a lot more time in the pouring rain without an umbrella'
' i couldn't wait to turn sixteen and drive all the boys around'
'every now and then i get a little lost'
'you know that restaurant on highway one'
'when i was a boy, four houses down from me'
'big orange ball, sinking in the water'
'there's a blue rocking chair, sitting in the sand'
'ain't nothing out here but me, the road and the radio'
'i've been up to my neck working six days a week'
'sun- tanned toes tickling the sand'
'sunny days seem to hurt the most'

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