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Can you name the U.S. Capitals with hints?

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hint 1capital cityhint 2
not happy but ____a mother has a special bond with her ____
mother theresa is a _____peter and ____ (boys name)
girls name but different spellinglocated in a boring state
___quick (pancake mix)a tally or a ____ / boys name also
valentines day symbolnot a chevy.. a _____
seasonice hockey or _____ hockey
short for a girls namesilent -es
this city sometimes gets woken up by the city that never sleepsANYbody there... ANYwhere???
Johnny ________Not a state but a _____
same state as Mt. Rushmorefrench name
country band: ______ Gentrymount gum?
a fox's homeskiing anyone?
New Englandmount peeler?
____ and peppersuperior, tahoe, ontario
famous coat producerivy league school
theres the poor and then theres the ____mound
pass the ____, often used in trackhurricane katrina state
Ann arbor Michigan has th e same beginningapple is in it... different spelling though
shutting detroit downamerican idol is a ___ing competition
a statea
Thomas _______, founding fatherState or _____
Mount _______, Greek godSpace needle in same state
a more proper name for charlie2000 pounds
cold2007 movie with Ellen Page and Michael Cera
States name to beginPeyton Manning's team
hint 1capital cityhint 2
short for telephonefire bird
______ city, a popular gambling siteoh my lanta!
bottom or ____eka
small/not bigstone
boys name or bratwurstlittle kids make a ____ out of blankets
song by augustanaPaul Revere
islando no lou
you rah rah rahsanta rides on a s_____
states nameTHUNDER
she's a ___ artistextension ____
Abrahamcar manufacturer
christmas gift giveriron's symbol
boys namenot off but __
_____ Kellera
Christopher ________a city in a state with the triple C's
also a town in Massachusetts_____'s lot
______on Fordice____ different spelling though
____ bridgesmargarita_____
popular boys nameStone Cold Steve ______
____ and girls (different spelling)e
not short but ____long confusing name in the state where everyone wants to be
popular boys namemale offspring
similar to a canadian state____erb.... dense forest
a professional _____ jumps off of a board into a poolin the other clue, change the 'i' to an 'o'
____ of potatoesa type of candy, never put coke and _____ together

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