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The player usually controls this character
The main character's condescending father
The main character is this tall at the beginning of Katamari Damacy
The cutscenes in Katamari Damacy center around this family
The fighting, flying superhero of Katamari Damacy
After you finish a level, the King transports you back to the Cosmos with this
This is the first constellation that you create in Katamari Damacy
If you choose not to make a star out of your Katamari, you can make this instead
If you complete a level very quickly, one of these appear
In the Ursa Major level in Katamari Damacy, the largest bear to roll up was called this
In the Taurus level in Katamari Damacy, the largest cow to roll up was called this
In We Love Katamari, the largest cow or bear to roll up was called this
The King used to have this hairstyle
During one level in We Love Katamari, you rolled this around instead of a Katamari in order to consume food
One level in We Love Katamari required you to roll up enough money to save these
The bonus level of We Love Katamari required you to roll up a million of these
In Beautiful Katamari, the King accidentally destroys the Universe with one of these
In Katamari Forever, the King suffers from this ailment
In Katamari Forever, the cousins created this to take the King's place
'Katamari Damacy' roughly translates into this English phrase

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