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Which direction, up or down, is the....?(U)p or (D)own
2009 Disney Pixar film
2009 Jay Sean song
Type of bird feather
World inhabited by Grogs in the Known Space novels by Larry Niven
1998 R.E.M. album
Period of play in American Football
Pepsi soft drink name following a number
Quark with +2⁄3 e electric charge
IATA code of the Bahamasair airline
Heavy Metal band with vocalist Phil Anselmo
Original name of the musical 'Via Galactica'
Volkswagen city car
2002 Shania Twain album
Syndrome caused by an extra copy of 21st chromosome
Novel by Lawrence Miles
Anti-Aircraft weapon used in WWII
2004 Blink-182 song
Word in the acronym HUD
County in Northern Ireland
First to appear in Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

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