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Featured Feb 16, 2012

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'Z' is the least frequently occurring letter in the OED
Bengali is the most spoken language in India
The top row of a Dvorak keyboard is 'D V O R A K I L M'
South Africa has 11 official languages
More people speak Wu Chinese than Cantonese
The Rosetta Stone contains an Ancient Greek section
'To', 'Too', and 'Two' are heteronyms
There is no German word meaning 'fluffy'
Currently over 10,000 languages are spoken worldwide
There are 24 letters in the Greek alphabet
German is one of the official languages of the UN
'Kock' is Swedish for 'chef'
Portuguese is the official language of Mozambique
'The' is the most common word in the English language
The language of 'Malayalam' is the longest OED palindrome
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In Welsh a microwave is known as a 'popty ping'
'Cheval' is French for 'cow'
The ~ symbol is called a 'tilde'
Spanish is the official language of Suriname
The dot above an 'i' or 'j' is called a 'tittle'
More living languages originate in N/S America than Europe
Nigeria is the country with most indigenous languages
Another name for the '@' symbol is an 'octothorpe'
'Hombre' is Spanish for 'man'
The word 'trivia' is an adjective
There are more 5 letter words than 12 letter words
There are more native Japanese speakers than native French speakers
More people speak Kyrgyz than Uzbek
There are no single word anagrams of the word 'anagram'
The Russian Cyrillic alphabet contains 29 letters

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