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Can you name the correct answers to these statements related to video games?

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Pong was the first commercially available video game
Crash Bandicoot collects papayas
Sims can take a job as a taxi driver
All Tetris pieces are made up of 4 squares
In Perfect Dark, Elvis the alien is of the Martian race
Mega Man is known as Rockman in Japan
The first Elder Scrolls game was called Arena
In Command & Conquer you must harvest Orichalum
Wii Sports includes a boxing game
In Civilization V, the player can lead the Iroquois civilization
Jools and Stoo are starting characters in Cannon Fodder
The first Grand Theft Auto game begins in Liberty City
One version of Nintendogs is subtitled Husky & Friends
A Charmander can be obtained in Pokémon Red but not Blue
Sonic the Hedgehog has existed longer than The Legend of Zelda
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The main protagonist of the Half-Life games is Sgt. Norman Freeman
One of the Pac-Man ghosts is called Clyde
In Minecraft, it is possible to craft a cake
Gran Turismo 5 features over 75 models of Nissan Skyline
In the Metal Gear series, Solid Snake's real name is David
In Halo, Master Chief can use a weapon called a Needler
In World of Warcraft, Night Elves are in the Horde faction
The 'evil sword' of Soul Calibur is called Nightmare
The Atari Jaguar was released before the ZX Spectrum
Mario is Luigi's older twin brother
Day of the Tentacle takes place in both the past and the future
Ifrit appears in all main series Final Fantasy games
FIFA games have sold more copies than Madden NFL games
In Street Fighter, Guile can perform a Hadouken
Nirvana are the only band to appear in both Rock Band and Guitar Hero games

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