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The Atlantic is the deepest ocean
The Volga is Europe's longest river
Japan's largest island by area is Hokkaido
India grows more bananas than any other country
Quebec is the most populous Canadian state
San José is the capital of Costa Rica
Only 8 mountains are >8,000m above sea level
The Montenegrin flag features a lion
Iran borders Iraq
Gerry Rafferty was a member of Stealers Wheel
Debbie Harry's real first name is Elizabeth
ABBA never had a Billboard number 1 single
The Beatles' Love Me Do was RIAA Platinum certified
A Theremin is a woodwind instrument
Ludwig van Beethoven wrote Für Elise
Jack and Meg White are brother and sister
Neil Diamond is in the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame
The ♭ accidental denotes a sharp note
Jaws won Best Picture at the Oscars
How to Train Your Dragon was a Pixar production
Quantum of Solace is the shortest Bond movie
Bruce Campbell starred in Night of the Living Dead
Yoda appears in all 6 Star Wars episodes
In The Matrix, Neo takes the blue pill
Bill & Ted bring Julius Caesar to 1988 San Dimas
Stanley Kubrick directed Full Metal Jacket
In Disney's Snow White, one dwarf is named Clumsy
Mark Philippoussis won a Grand Slam Tennis event
In Golf, a score of 4 under par for a hole is a Condor
The Olmpic Games have been hosted in Belgium
Michael Owen has won the Ballon d'Or
In Cricket, a Golden Duck scores 4 runs
Shaquille O'Neal scored just one 3-pointer in the NBA
No African has ever driven in Formula 1
Lacrosse originated in Belgium
 In Boxing, Featherweights are heavier than Flyweights 
Friends won more Emmys than Scrubs
Aaron Paul stars in Breaking Bad
Tom Cruise has guest starred on The Simpsons
William Hartnell was the first Doctor Who Doctor
James May appears in every episode of Top Gear
M*A*S*H is set in the Korean War
Buffy the Vampire Slayer's theme is by Nerf Herder
Jean-Luc Picard is the captain in Star Trek: Voyager
Season 1 of 24 begins at midday
WORD Ladders were invented by author Lewis Carroll
WARD Zabac is a character in Final Fantasy VIII
WARP speed is faster than light speed in Star Trek
CARP fishing is illegal in Indonesia
CARL Carlson married Selma Bouvier in The Simpsons
CALL Me Maybe is a song by Taylor Swift
GALL is synonymous with bile
GALE force wind is level 5 on the Beaufort scale
 GAME of Thrones is set on the continent of Vvardenfell 
The River Styx ferryman is called Charon
Cherimoya is a South American vegetable
The fastest boat is faster than the fastest helicopter
Corpus Christi is a College at Cambridge University
In hexadecimal, E + 2 = G
The Mona Lisa is painted in oil on canvas
The Burj Khalifa is taller than Belgium's highest point
The Google logo has a red G
A wyvern has 6 limbs
James Polk was the 11th President of the USA
Prince Harry is third in line to the British throne
The Hundred Years War waged for 71 years
Italy is a founding member of the UN
Sir Francis Drake captained the HMS Victory
Yuri Gagarin's first space flight was on Soyuz 1
John Lennon was murdered by Mark David Chapman
Ireland was ruled by the Roman Empire
Sitting Bull was a leader in the Cheyenne tribe
To Kill a Mockingbird is the only book by Harper Lee
Dirk Gently is a detective
A Tale of Two Cities is set in London and New York
Moby Dick is a humpback whale
The first published Discworld novel was Mort
Ernest Hemingway won a Nobel Prize in literature
Roald Dahl illustrated his own books
Anna Karenina is longer than War and Peace
The Mistborn series is written by Brandon Sanderson
The official language of Bhutan is Dzongkha
The Gutenberg Bible was printed in Latin
A Pilcrow designates a new paragraph
The USA and UK have different sign languages
Pamplemousse is French for reindeer
Ξ is the last letter of the Greek alphabet
A snollygoster is a clever, but unprincipled person
Mississippi is an isogram
W is the most frequently used letter in Polish
The metacarpal bones are in the foot
Californium is a metal
Titan is a moon of Jupiter
139 is a prime number
A meson is composed of 3 quarks
A tuatara is a bird
ITER will be built in Germany
Cations are positively charged
The farad is a unit of capacitance
There is a pokémon called Furret
Leather is a resource in Settlers of Catan
In Scrabble, the letter M is worth 4 points
The Last of Us was developed by Naughty Dog
The Holy Hand Grenade is a weapon in Worms
In Poker, a flush beats a full house
Chun-Li is a character from Mortal Kombat
The first version of Monopoly was set in London
In the Legend of Zelda, Link's horse is called Epona
O is a Cirque du Soleil show in Las Vegas
Aquaman is a Marvel Superhero
Justin Bieber has over 100 million twitter followers
A Manhattan cocktail contains rum
Mr. Mistoffelees is a character in Les Misérables
Liz Taylor married over 10 times
The World's fastest roller coaster is in Italy
The juggling siteswap for a 3 ball shower is 51
Swan Lake is a ballet composed by Tchaikovsky
Ephesians is a book of the Old Testament
Vulcan is a Greek god
Shawwāl is one of the five pillars of Islam
One of Jesus' apostles was named Paul
In Norse mythology, Thor is Odin's son
 There are over 100 million Jewish people Worldwide
Harmandir Sahib is a Sikh temple
Dianetics is a holy book in Scientology
One of Noah's sons was called Ham
Groundhog Day is celebrated in February
Boston dyes its river green for St. Patrick's Day
There is a Chinese year of the cat
Kiribati is the first country to celebrate New Year
Lent begins on Maundy Thursday
Australia Day is celebrated in August
Diwali is a Hindu festival
Halloween is a US Federal Holiday
Eid al-Fitr celebrates the end of Ramadan

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