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Planck constant
Ten in Roman numerals
Charged bosons of the weak interaction
Surname of B. A. Baracus actor
A Knight in algebraic chess notation
First initial of Diddy
1972 John Berger novel
Roman numeral for 50
Default hard drive letter on Windows PCs
Comic character who bombs the Houses of Parliament on Guy Fawkes Night
Letter displayed on vehicles driven by unqualified drivers in UK
_ Street Band: Musical group known for working with Bruce Springsteen
Mitsubishi K-car model
Most common blood group phenotype
Special _: A cereal by Kellogg's
BMW's high performance division
1990 album by INXS
International vehicle registration code of Germany
South African currency symbol
_-Zero: Nintendo racing game
Formation geese are famous for flying in
_ pluribus unum: 'Out of many, one' from Seal of the United States
Stellar classification of the Sun
_ Thant: UN Secretary General
Malcolm _: Civil rights activist
Triple _: WWE wrestler
Films only suitable for over 16s in USA
Death Note detective
Sex chromosome possessed only by men
Play loudly, in musical notation
Avenue _ : Puppet musical
Semiconductor type with negative charge
Commonest letter in English language
Stage name of Eels singer Mark Everett
Agent played by Will Smith in Men in Black
299,792,458 metres per second
Band whose members included Gibby Haynes and Johnny Depp
Vince's best friend in Entourage
Day the allies stormed the beach at Normandy
Chemical symbol for Hydrogen
James Bond character played by Desmond Llewelyn
Symbol denoting a strike in bowling
Oregon river only 440 feet long
Steps singer Ian Watkins
Ascorbic acid vitamin
Jackass performer Steve
Woody Allen's character in Antz
500 in Roman numerals
Canon's top of the range lens series
UK music magazine and radio station
The Ideal Gas Constant = 8.31
_-Pain: Rapper with single 'I'm Sprung'
AT&T stock ticker symbol
_ Club 7: Pop group with hit 'Reach'
The vertical axis of a graph
Debut album by Damien Rice
HTML tag denoting bold text
Symbol for momentum
Head of MI6 in James Bond
San Jose Earthquakes mascot
Chemical Symbol for Potassium
_ Men: 1935 film starring James Cagney
Mass number of a nucleus
Film starring Mekhi Phifer and Julia Stiles
_ Sync: Boy band of which Justin Timberlake was a member
Series of pickup trucks produced by Ford
2004 Meshuggah EP
Square root of negative 1
Erogenous spot in women
Boltzmann constant
Ford model which was the first to be mass produced on an assembly line
My Morning Jacket album
A strikeout in baseball scorekeeping
Leader of Team Plasma in Pokémon Black and White
_-Mobile: German mobile telephone network
Natural Log base ~ 2.718
Electric charge
Middle name of Doctor Who writer Russell Davies
Tommy Lee Jones agent in Men in Black
Pearl Jam song from Lost Dogs album
British band with single 'Nothing'
Cirque du Soleil show in Las Vegas
2010 novel by Tom McCarthy
Chemical symbol for Boron
A low budget, second rate movie
1996 Kula Shaker album
Chemical Symbol for Tungsten
Marvel superhero whose name is Monet Yvette Clarisse Maria Therese St. Croix
Vampire Hunter of Hideyuki Kikuchi manga
R. Kelly's third studio album
Bessel function of the first kind
Number 10 in the hexadecimal system
1980s sci-fi series featuring alien race known as the Visitors
1931 German film directed by Fritz Lang
1980 album by Jethro Tull
Aperture size number in lenses
Star Trek character originating from continuum of same letter
Debut album by Vanessa Hudgens
Middle name of President Harry Truman

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