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Can you name the four-letter answers to this science themed word ladder?

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☢ Transfer of energy through oscillation of a medium ☢ 
To have bestowed a gift 
Wind of 8-9 on the Beaufort Scale 
Wide river valley 
Small rodent of the Arvicolinae subfamily 
☢ Unit of electric potential ☢ 
To periodically shed fur or skin 
A point of no consequence 
Natural satellite of a planet 
☢ Lepton with rest energy of 105.7 MeV ☢ 
☠ Attraction between atoms in a molecule ☠ 
Dark typeface used for emphasis 
☠ Au ☠ 
Cover with a thin layer of [previous rung] 
Non-captive animals 
To wrap around an object in coils 
Comes in first place 
Containers for beans etc 
Millions of ounces 
☠ Charged particles ☠ 
☣ Sequence of DNA which codes for a particular protein ☣ 
Smallest denomination of Surinamese currency 
A tribal person of Iron Age Western Europe 
☣ Basic unit of life containing organelles ☣ 
Match a bet in poker 
____ Sagan: American astrophysicist and science author 
Bears including Funshine and Love-a-Lot 
Muse single from Showbiz album 
☣ Vena ____: Vein entering the right atrium of the heart ☣ 
☉ US space agency ☉ 
☉ Radio-bright supernova remnant in the Milky Way ☉ 
Perform a magic spell 
Column which supports the sails of a ship 
Property of matter measured in kilograms 
☉ Fourth planet from the Sun ☉ 
Periods of major conflict 
A lump on the skin 
Plant used for medicinal purposes e.g. St John's ____ 
☉Cloud of comets and the outer limit of our Solar System☉ 

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