Moogle or Chocobo?

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Can you name the answers to the Chocobo and Moogle based trivia?

Updated Sep 6, 2012

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Which Final Fantasy species...(M)oogle or (C)hocobo
Is a bird
Does Sazh keep in his afro in FF XIII
Commonly has a red pompom on its head
Is a playable character in FF VI
Searches for buried treasure in FF IX
Appears on a Sphere Break coin in FF X
Is Stiltzkin; the well known traveller
Likes to eat Gysahl Greens
Does Lulu use as a weapon in FF X
Which Final Fantasy species...(M)oogle or (C)hocobo
Can be of the Jennet breed in FF XI
Does Cait Sith ride on in FF VII
Likes to eat kupo nuts
Has a name which means mole-bat
Are sometimes green or blue
Makes no appearance in FF IV
First appeared in FF II
Gives you the 'Contain' materia in FF VII
Can speak English

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