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♦ The original Atari table tennis game ♦
♦ Donkey ____ : Throws barrels at Mario ♦
♦ Leopard headed Tekken pugilist ♦
Movement of air across Earth
Fermented grape drink
As the moon becomes narrower
♦ Immortal bald leader of Brotherhood of Nod ♦
Curly leafed cabbage
Valley, particularly in Yorkshire
Citizen of Denmark
A sand bank or Frank Herbert novel
♦ ____ Nukem: Controversial First Person Shooter ♦
____ Skywalker
To find something pleasing
Green citrus fruit
Unable to walk properly or something not very good
Tibetan Buddhist teachers. Dalai ____
♦ ____ Croft: Well endowed collector of historical artifacts ♦
Bird of the Alaudidae family
Long and thin
♦ Saviour of Princess Zelda ♦
What happens to a boat when it ceases to float
Evil deeds
♦ The ____: Spend your life controlling the day to day life of your character ♦
Mathematical operations
Mouth flesh containing teeth
The gastrointestinal tract
A Swedish sheep
♦ Baldur's ____: RPG with Dungeons & Dragons rules ♦
Ground meat spread
To trim off
♦ Theme ____: Rollercoaster building game ♦
♦ Perfect ____: Joanna fights aliens ♦
Slang for a socially inept person
A bedroom for several people
♦ Pioneering 1993 3D First Person Shooter ♦
A place in a building with fully enclosed walls and ceilings
Part of a plant which absorbs water
To bring up for discussion
4th Discworld novel in which the title character becomes Death's Apprentice
A trading place
♦ Mario ____: Watch out for blue shells ♦
____ Cobain: Lead singer in Nirvana e.g.
To cause pain
A mature male deer
To cease movement
♦ FPS in which Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 fights aliens ♦
Mechanical mascot of Gundam anime
♦ Guitar ____: Rock out with plastic instruments ♦
A large group of cows for instance
The top part of a human body
♦ ____ Space: Survival horror in which aliens turn humans into necromorphs ♦
Senior official in a university or college
Seed known for causing flatulence
Structural component which withstands load by resisting bending
____ Stoker: Dracula author
Rail vehicle which travels along streets
To cut the edges off
♦ ____ Fandango: Graphic adventure set in the Land of the Dead ♦
One thousandth of the SI base unit of mass
♦ ____ Turismo: Driving simulator ♦
♦ Samus ____: Main protagonist of the Metroid games ♦
♦ Pokémon 304 feeds on iron ore it digs from mountains ♦
Movie in which lightcycles are ridden in lethal games on The Grid
A fairly fast pace for a horse
A short blast of a horn or trumpet
Short version of name for an animated TV show
♦ Harvest ____: Farm Sim from long before Farmville ♦
Between dawn and noon
To come into being
Something to be thankful for
♦ Ghostly enemies of Mario series ♦
♦ The final enemy in a game ♦
♦ Sega ____ Fishing: It came with the Sega Fishing Controller ♦
♦ ____ Effect: Explore the Galaxy with Commander Shepard ♦
Pole for hanging ship sails on
♦ 1993 first person adventure through an island, collecting items ♦
Abnormal sac containing fluid
The performers of a TV show or movie
Horse drawn vehicle
____ Carlson: Best friend of Lenny
♦ ____ of Duty: Join in with wars through history from home ♦
♦ Tom Clancy's Splinter ____ ♦
Where evil people are alleged to be cast upon death
Cure someone of illness or ailment
Perceive sound
♦ Metal ____ Solid: Tactical Espionage adventure with Solid Snake ♦
Leader of the Alans in 5th century Gaul
Wild ancestor of the domestic pig
Vehicle which floats on water
Outer garment worn for warmth and rain protection
To talk informally
Jackie ____: Kung Fu movie man
♦ ____ - Li: Chinese Street Fighter lady ♦
To intentionally avoid someone
To shock somebody
Eminem song featuring obsessed title character
♦ Phantasy ____: Long running Sega RPG ♦
To fly high
Having an acidic taste
♦ ____Calibur: Beat em up, with added swords ♦
First King of the united Kingdom of Israel
John, George, Ringo and....
Cloth covering a coffin at a funeral
____-mell: to go headlong in confused haste
How to get at a banana so it can be consumed
♦ Pokémon 86 sleeps on the seabed during the day ♦
Organic structure from which plants grow
To give something food
These are at the bottom of a human
Plant with carrot shaped roots used as food
Honey producing flying insects
A baseball team based in New York
From Greek: among, with, beside or after
♦ ____ Man: Long running platform game series featuring man in blue suit ♦
♦ Creators of the Dreamcast ♦
A long story
Lady ____: Pop star of questionable fashion choices
Deprives of speech by putting something over the mouth
Scraps of cloth
♦ Streets of ____: Side scrolling beat em up ♦
♦ Black ____: Offensive spellcaster. Vivi of Final Fantasy IX for instance ♦
A lion's hairy neck
One sheet of glass in a window
Method of thermoregulatory breathing employed by dogs
♦ Fire Emblem sage. Student of Athos ♦
Passageway through a building from the street to a courtyard
♦ James ____: Star of the Aquatic Games ♦
A small horse less than 14.2 hands
Small, weak and pitiful
Anarchic individual typically sporting vividly colored hair
Disc struck with sticks in ice hockey
♦ ____ Hunt: Shoot mallards with the NES Zapper ♦
Place where ships are kept to be loaded and unloaded
Device used to secure doors and windows
What we do with our eyes
♦ Tom ____: Entrepreneurial tanuki/Loan shark of Animal Crossing fame ♦
Fit an arrow to the string of a bow
Basalt e.g.
Historical torture device which stretches bodies
Stow items in a bag or box
A small lobster
♦ Tony ____ Pro Skater: Skateboarding game ♦
The Herald angels sing
Like a rabbit, but bigger
A shimmer in the atmosphere
A fixed stare for a long time
♦ ___ Over! ♦

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