Huge Cartoon Word Ladder

Can you name the words in the word ladder?

♦____ Disney: Creator of Mickey Mouse♦
Grain fermented to make beer or whisky
♦Kwik-E-____: Springfield convenience store run by Apu Nahasapeemapetilon♦
♦____ Simpson: Mischief making child of Marge and Homer♦
Sharp point in wire used to secure property
Short name of organic compounds such as glycogen
♦____Captors: Sakura unleashes the power of the Clow♦
Something which would measure highly on the Mohs scale for example
♦Bucky O ____: Eponymous Righteous Indignation Captain goes where no ordinary rabbit would dare♦
♦____ Bears: More cuddly than grizzly♦
Koi are a decorative variety of
Abbreviation of Corporal or Corporation
Earth's iron nucleus
The olden days
♦New New ____: 31st Century setting of Futurama♦
Pig meat
♦South ____: Controversial comedy featuring crude 8 year olds♦
The outer casing of a tree
Professional poet who composes eulogies for his lord
♦Tweety ____: I tawt I taw a Putty Tat♦
To restrain with ropes
A group of musicians
Organisation which deals with your money
♦____ Hill: King of the Hill♦
Fasten from above
♦____ Kong Phooey: Kung Fu Canine♦
Sound shared by geese and car horns
Obsessive compulsive detective
Weasel like mammal prized for its fur
♦____ Panther: Big cat detective♦
Coniferous tree with needle like leaves
Free software application which allows Windows programs to run on Unix based computer systems
♦____ E Coyote: Luckless Road Runner hunter cursed by ACME
♦The ____ Thornberrys: Eliza speaks to animals♦
Fuse metals together
Useless plant
Structure from which plants can grow
The oozing out of a liquid
To retain possession
♦Casey ____: Pink skinned Snork♦
To assist
To have had something in one's hands
♦Beavis and Butt - ____: Half witted AC/DC fan♦
A small drop
♦Rupert ____: Yellow scarf wearing Ursidae♦
Sweet fruit with globular base, tapering towards the apex
Edible green seeds that come from a pod
Domesticated animals kept as companions
Animal rights organisation known for their anti-fur protests
Indian sword with integrated gauntlet
♦____ Smurf: The blue daddy♦
Châteauneuf-du-____ : Famous French winemaking region
A prank
♦____ Jetson: Fashionable wife of George
Month named after the wife of Jupiter
Ancient Chinese sailing vessel
To dip into liquid, usually with a biscuit into tea
♦Daffy ____: ♦
♦____ Dastardly: Devious racer who rarely makes it over the finish line
To stroke something with your tongue
More than one louse
♦Rocko's Modern ____: Adventures of a wallaby
Lots of something undesirable
Annoy or agitate
An actor's part in a play
____ Harris: Australian entertainer who popularised the wobble board
Sport in which players attempt to hit a ball into a hole with clubs
♦____ Troop: Wacky title character with his son Max♦
♦Cheesy ____: Favoured snack of Eric Cartman♦
♦Winnie the ____: Friend of Piglet, Tigger and honey
Upper class
To force away
____ in Boots: Fairytale cat and companion of Shrek
Give up on answering a question
Property of matter measured in Kilograms
♦Biker Mice from ____♦
____ Ulrich: Founding member of Metallica
A bird or a bit of fun
To be without something
♦Samurai ____♦
North American high school and college athlete stereotype
Device for preventing the opening of doors
To direct your sight
Aquatic bird of the Gavia genus
♦Sailor ____: Anime schoolgirl superheroes named for the bodies of the Solar System
Time between night and noon
Showing signs of deterioration
Make people aware of danger
♦Spongebob's pet sea snail♦
Involving bloodshed
Al ____: Ex US Presidential candidate turned environmental activist
Not here anymore
Section of DNA that codes a protein or RNA chain
A male
♦____ Brockman: Springfield newsreader♦
Immanuel ____: 18th Century German Philosopher
An angry tirade
The weakest of the litter
Blocking a ball in baseball rather than swinging at it
Bread rolls
♦____ Bunny: What's up Doc?
Toothed wheels in a gear
Murmuring calls of doves
A hen cage
An open handed karate strike
♦____ n Dale: A rescue ranger♦
A short section of film
To turn something in mid-air
What birds do with their wings to make them fly
The Betsy Ross for example
A kill in First Person Shooter game
♦____ Strip: Decepticon in disguise as a Tyrell Formula 1 car♦
Old fashioned way of expressing mild annoyance
Male social organisation in US colleges and universities
Metal strip which divides the fingerboard of a guitar
♦____ Flintstone: Father of the modern stone age family♦
Give something food
To have placed a golf ball on a peg before taking your first shot at a hole
♦Aqua ____ Hunger Force♦
Seabirds of the Sternidae family
Something ripped apart
♦Tiny ____ Adventures: Baby Looney Tunes attend the Acme Looniversity♦
Obtained for themselves
Noise that a clock makes or a game similar to Ludo
♦The ____: Superhero with the battle cry 'Spoooon!' or a noise that a clock makes♦
____ Astley is never gonna give you up
Cereal grain staple food of most of Asia
White ice that forms when water droplets in fog freeze to objects
Calcium Oxide
To walk with an uneven step as one leg is injured
♦Eric ____: Alter ego of Bananaman♦

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