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Can you name which comic each of these strips regularly appeared in?

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Title(B)eano or (D)andy
The Bash Street Kids
Winker Watson
Billy Whizz
The Jocks and the Geordies
Biffo the Bear
Les Pretend
Keyhole Kate
Roger the Dodger
Calamity James
Strange Hill
Title(B)eano or (D)andy
Minnie the Minx
Black Bob
Freddy the Fearless Fly
The Magic Lollipops
Hyde and Shriek
Baby Face Finlayson
Peter's Pocket Grandpa
Bully Beef and Chips
The Three Bears
Dennis the Menace
Title(B)eano or (D)andy
Crazy for Daisy
Lord Snooty
Desperate Dan
Corporal Clott
Marvo the Wonder Chicken
Ivy the Terrible
Korky the Cat
The Smasher
Cuddles and Dimples
Tim Traveller

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