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Debut date
Leader, Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist
Lead Vocalist, Visual
Vocalist, Visual, Face of the Group, Mood-maker
Main Vocalist
Lead Dancer, Visual
Main Rapper
Lead Rapper, Maknae
Debut Song
The Quietest
The Loudest
The Sexiest
The Cutest/ Aegyo King
Survival Show
The last one to be confirmed as a member of Monsta X
The first one to be confirmed as a member of Monsta X
The last one to join the survival show
The easiest to cry
The tallest
The father
The mother
Is attracted to Shownu
Best in Acting
1st Full Length Album
The name of the Series
Cares about his hair so much
Monsta X meaning~~~
Cry baby
said that he didn't have a girlfriend ever
Father's a Scientist
Likes chubby girls
Cannot Swim
Chicken man
English-spoken hehe
The Clan Pt. 1
The Clan Pt. 2
The Clan Pt. 2.5
Repackaged album
Close with SVT's Jeonghan
Monsta X's Interpreter
Member that's most confident with his looks
Manga-faced Guy
Sung FLAT most of the songs in his 2nd debut mission

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Created Apr 11, 2017ReportNominate
Tags:Monsta X

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