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0A boy finds himself in a new world where time loops inexplicably.
0A boy finds himself in a new world, having been accidentally summoned by a mage.
0The story of the fourth war for a magical, wish-granting artifact.
1A man struggles to find excitement in life once he achieves his goals.
1A seafairing tale about the search for a mythical treasure.
1A gambler uses wits to win millions of dollars playing baseball.
3A reclusive prodigy finds friendship in three sisters and must learn how to interact with others.
4A clumsy girl accidentally joins a literal flying circus in a world where anti-gravity shoes allow flight.
5A boy and his friends must fight their way out of a world of darkness.
6Two boys escape utopia and discover its disturbing secrets.
6Legendary heroes meet for the first time, only to find that someone among them is a traitor.
7A lazy student discovers a legend at his school when he stumbles down a flight of stairs.
7A boy with no memory of his past must rediscover his own history to learn why he can change the world.
8A motorcycle-riding mom helps return two lost siblings to their family.
9A group of people with no connection to one another solve supernatural murder mysteries.
11Six children enter a mysterious world with a red sky and a black moon.
12Two best friends discover love between the threshold of child and teen.
13The story of an agency within a large kingdom, and the business trips of their second-in-command.

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