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Can you name the Trivia about Banjo Kazooie and Tooie??

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Forced Order
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We'll start off easy. The main characters are known as who? (name both)
Who live in the small area known as
Which is also home to a witch named
Who is angry because she is
So she kidnaps this character
A mole by the name of
who suffers from this condition
teaches you this many moves before he allows you to enter the lair
This lair consists of this many worlds
Which was originally going to consist of this many worlds
Name one of the two worlds cut out
One of these levels was used in Banjo Tooie and was called
Another was used in Donkey Kong 64 and called
Additionally, this name was the beta name for Treasure Trove Cove
The first note door in the game requires this many notes
And the final one requires this many
There is controversy that these items in Mad Monster Mansion swear at the character
When they actually say
There is one item that can be missed and require a level re-entry to gain it. This item is a
This enemy chases you around Treasure Trove Cove if you land in his water. What is his name?
The enemy from the previous question has four lines. Name any food-related term or food item he mentions.
This enemy re-appears in a later world. Which one?
You will encounter two world entrances before you encounter their puzzles. Name both of these worlds with no 'and' in between.
The witch fires spells of this color that can only be dodged by Wonderwing.
This creature says 'ACTIVATE ME'
The witch falls off the tower and is crushed by this object
And remains there for this many years
The characters are playing this when Banjo Tooie begins
When the witches attack, this character foolishly stays in the house
And becomes an
However, a secret hack of the game reveals the unfinished feature known as this
What collectible items were present in Banjo Kazooie, but removed in Banjo Tooie? Name one of the two that appear in all worlds.
This creature was found inside a boiler
Who is supposed to be this
When he is defeated, you can use this
This travels to how many worlds? (not counting Isle o Hags)
In this world a group of aliens were first discovered
Their ship needed power, which could be provided by this item
The aliens were discovered again, and the three children were lost. Name one of them.
The first alien can be freed by a simple
The second requires the same skill, but also this
The third alien requires this skill to warm him up
This obese bear recently acquired this DVD
But is currently watching this character on TV
He is hungry for a fish, which goes by the name of
What world has the least obtainable jiggies on the first pass?
Which world, when viewed from above, contains a phallic image?
Who is the largest character in the entire game?
How many doubloons are there in the game?
Here's a tough one to finish this off. How many total collectibles (count jiggies, notes, jinjos, honeycombs, cheato pages) can be found in both BK and BT combined?

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