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Can you name the Banjo Kazooie Alphabet?

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Forced Order
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The flying upgrade move needed to fight Mr. Patch
Grunty's really fat sister
A large ape who appears in both N64 games
Grunty's depressed cauldron
A giant eagle who must be fed a lot of worms
Banjo can put this in his backpack to reach new places
A can of beans with eyes
Rival of Mumbo, transforms you in Banjo Tooie
Boggy lives in this
Somehow touching them brings them home
The famous bird in the series
The infamous toilet
You play a game with him on a giant organ
A squirrel who can't find his nuts
The friendly, starving tribe of Terrydactyland
Gobi's Valley has many of these
Location of Grunty Industries and Cauldron Keep
Banjo's pet goldfish
The trapped dolphin of Rusty Bucket Bay
The despotic dizzy totem god himself
The evil tribe of Terrydactyland, known for stealing treasure
Before using the move Wonderwing, Banjo and Kazooie are this (sorry kind of a bad one but I can't think of anything for V)
The strange transformation of Grunty Industries
The fourth Banjo game was made for this system
Clams from Treasure Trove Cove
Angry bees

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