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Can you name the bad/evil characters from Adventure Time?

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A lonely psychopath that spends his tim stealing princesses. Main
His goal is to destroy all life. Possesses the Snail, Princess Bubblegum, and Billy.
Likes sucking up souls. Steals cold fries but apologizes later on.
Immortal wizard who is dumped by his girlfriend. Later tricks Finn and Jake into helping him destroy the memory of it.
Goes around hugging people during a full moon. Has heart shaped hands and feet.
A ruthless gang that terrorizes citizens by bullying and demanding payment. Led by 'Big Destiny'.
Adorable minuscule ruler who tries in vain to defeat Finn and Jake.
Finn is almost killed by him after losing a music battle. Friends with Peppermint Butler.
The undead ruler who enjoys forcing people fight Gladiator Ghosts in his arena.
Jerk who uses his powers to turn people into freaks so they can learn a lesson; not to help jerks.
Belongs to the Ice King but escapes to try and rip out PB's heart and marry it.
Uses his hypnotizing ability to trap Finn and Jake in a dreamscape prison.
Sour ruler who takes Princess Bubblegum's throne until she is old enough to rule Candy Kingdom again.
Small feline assassin sent to kill Wildberry Princess. Hides in Jakes nose and threatens him with poison.
Created by PB to rule the kingdom in case she dies. Uses her psychic powers to make people do what she wants.
Human-like person who leads her friends on an attack to eat all of Candy Kingdom. Her home is Beautopia.
Goblin king who enjoys spanking his subjects. Leads an army of Earclops to take back his kingdom from Finn and Jake.
Cold ruler who leads Fionna on a wild scheme so she could have Prince Gumball for herself.
Tries to suck Jake up her butt for some princess hair. Eventually lets him go for Finn's beautiful locks.
Cute little evil-doers who hatch out of a pod from a magic bean. Allergic to ice cream.
A hitman mistakenly hired by the Ice King to hit Finn and Jake but tries to kill them. Can conjure up fire and turn into smoke. Dresses like a mummy.

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