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Forced Order
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Has been married five times; a seamstress by occupation; she has a gap in her teeth and is deaf in one ear
As head of her convent she is modest and quite yet aspires for exquist tastes
A roaming priest who has taken to bribes, befriends young women or rich men who need his services
Represents the ideal of the medieval Christian man-at-arms; first teller of tales; tells a tale of courtly love and fate
The only devout religious man of the bunch
A poor student of philosophy who speaks little, but when he does his words are wise
Granted reprieves from penance in exchange for charitable donations to the Church; this character also collected profits for himself and self fake relics at high costs
His devotions are to hunting and eating though they should be to pray and work.
Tells a tale that is somewhat blasphemous, ridiculing religious clerks, scholarly clerks, carpenters, and women; a very rowdy and course individual
This character calls himself Chaucer, though audiences must not confuse the character's opinoins with those of Chaucer
A curly-haired young man fond of dancing and courting
A successful lawyer commissioned by the king
Leader of the group has put forth a story telling challenge
One of the best in his profession, for he knows the cause of every malady and can cure most of them; in great physical health but his religious health is called into question
Trades in furs and other cloths
Has sailed all the ports of England, Spain, and Carthage; known for stealing wine while the captain sleeps
A connoisseur of food and wine, so much so that his table remains laid and ready for food all day
In charge of acquiring money for colleges or court
Brother to another pilgrim he leads a good christian life
Little detail of this pilgrim is given other than the crust sore on his leg and that he works for another pilgrim
A forrester (suggested) who accompanies two of the pilgrims
Similar to a steward of a manor; his lord never loses so much as a ram to the other employees, and the vassals under his command are kept in line. However, he steals from his maste
A witty, self-effacing preacher; not described in the general prologue
Five men who appear as one unit; men of similar occupations joined together to increase their bargaining power and live communally
A drunkard, whose faces is scarred by leprosy, who is not qualified for his position of bringing people to court
Not described in the General Prologue, but she tells a saint’s life for her tale

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