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If a player has 640 at bats in a season with a .300 batting average, how many hits does he have?Baseball
If 25% of that same player's outs are strikeouts, how many strikeouts did he have that season?Baseball
A pitcher has given up 3,926 hits and 2,279 walks in 4,964 innings. What is their WHIP?Baseball
A player has 2,873 hits. They have 382 home runs, 135 triples, 626 doubles, and 821 walks. How many total bases do they have?Baseball
A player has 23,616 minutes played in his career. How many games would they have played if they were in every minute of each game?Basketball
A player has 882 fouls in his career. How many games would he have fouled out of if he fouled out of each game that he committed a foul?Basketball
A player is 13/28 for 2, 7/7 from the free-throw line, and 5/12 for 3. What is their field goal percentage? Basketball
A player has 7,267 field goals made in his career. He has 2,126 shots made from beyond the arc, and 2,125 from the line. How many points does he have in his career?Basketball
If a wide receiver has 1,378 yards for a 13 yard average per catch, how many receptions does he have?Football
If a kicker has 28 field goals and 47 extra points, how many points has he scored for the team?Football
Pittsburgh scores 4 touchdowns, 2 field goals. Tampa Bay scores 3 touchdowns, 4 field goals, and a safety. Both Teams convert all extra points. How many total points are scored?Football
Who wins the game? (Team name from the clue above).Football
If a player has 23 fighting majors and 293 total penalty minutes, how many total penalties do they have? (Assume no misconduct penalties).Hockey
A player is on the ice for 129 goals in a season. His team scored 57 of them, 8 of which on power plays. Opponents have scored 12 power play goals. What is his +/- for the season?Hockey
A goalie has 17,628 saves in his career. What is their save percentage if they have given up 1,872 goals (316 power play)?Hockey
A goalie has a 1.80 goals against average in wins and 3.20 in losses. He has played 920 games and has a .625 winning percentage. How many goals has he allowed?Hockey

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