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QUIZ: Can you name the warrior cats: who am I?

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descriptionWho am I?important history
Dark gray she-catHad cripled leg so became medicine cat
Pale gray she-catOne of the Three, Doesnt like to use her power for spying
blue-gray shecat with silver muzzleSaved clans from dogs by falling off gourge
Long haired white tomPrincess was his mother, Likes being a kittypet but decided not to
Torteiseshell she catWent to join Tigerstar in ShadowClan but didnt want to be evil
Dark brown tabby tom with ice-blue eyesAs evil as his father, trained Ivypaw
Silver gray she-catDied having Stormfur and Feathertail,Riverclan
Golden tabby tomOne of the Three, Went in tunnels as apprentice to be with Heathertail
Longhaired gray tomGot taken away by twolegs during The New Prophecy
Dark gray she-catBrokenstars mother but killed him with deathberries
Sleek black tomKnew about Tigerstar and went to live with Barley
Sleek black and gray tabby tomJoined Tigerstar to rule the forest
Dark brown she-catLost feeling in her legs when tree fell in camp
Light brown tabby she-catGave up everything when Hollyleaf told she was there mother
Dark brown tabby tom with amber eyesWas Tigerstars kin but didnt want to be evil like him
descriptionWho am I?important history
Silver gray she-catDied saving The Tribe of Rushing Water from a mountain lion
Gray tabby tomBorn blind but other senses inhanced, One of the Three
Dark ginger she cat with one white pawWent with Brambleclaw to the Sundrown place
Gray tabby she-catIs really Cinderpelt, but given a second chance
Tortoiseshell she-catDied on the first book,medicine cat, Firestars first crush
Black she-cat with green eyesThought she was One of the Three, killed Ashfur
ginger tom with flame peltWas a kittypey but eventually became leader
Tortoiseshell and white she-catBrackenfur was her mate, Darkstripe tried to kill her with deathberries
Pale gray tom with darker flecksSquirrelflight was his almost mate and tried to kill her kin
Dark gray tomHad three mates: Feathertail, Leafpool, and Nightcloud
Black tomTrained by cats in Dark Forest, Tried to kill Jayfeather
White tom with jet black pawsOne of Tigerstars allies when he came in ShadowClan
White she-cat with ginger patchesLost an eye whe she tried to help the clan from dogs.
Pale tabby tom with black stripesRetired early dued to blindness by a rabbit
Dark brown tabby tom with long clawsOne of the most evilests cats in Thunderclan and Shadowclan

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